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PanaFoto in David

Yesterday I went to the new PanaFoto store that has opened in Plaza Terronal. Upon entering I asked to speak with the manager. When I met him, he extended his hand and spoke to me in perfect English. I gave him a Chiriquí Chatter card and told him that I would like to take some photos in the store to post on the Internet so that more people would be aware that PanaFoto had opened. He gave me permission.

As you can see from the following photos, this is a very large store. What you may not realize is that there is a very large storage warehouse for PanaFoto behind the Conway store. I had seen it the last time I was in Conway’s upper snack area.

Let’s take a short tour through the store. When you enter the store and take an overall glance, you realize that this store is bringing more technology and household products to one area than any other store to this point. Continue reading PanaFoto in David

Taekwondo Tournament – Boquete

Hi Don: Was wondering if you could give this event a plug?

“This Saturday, May 28th, starting at around 8:00 a.m. until the afternoon, at the Las Naranjas Gymnasium , Boquete, will be a tournament between the various Taekwondo schools from the Chiriqui province. The boys and girls in the schools will be competing for gold, silver and bronze medals. Come on out and support the local Taekwondo School boys and girls. Admission is, I believe, $1.00 or $2.00 per person. Advisable to bring a soft cushion as the seating area is concrete.”

Thanks Don

Body Clock Still On Europe Time

My body clock still has not acclimated to being back in Panama. Close, but not there yet.

While I am trying to organize my thoughts and photos of our trip, I though I would mention one thing before I forgot it.

We spent two days in Panama City before returning to David. On Sunday we went out to eat and to a theater and I saw an MG on display. I remember in the late 50’s or early 60’s the MG sports cars I drooled over.

Well, the brand is returning. The sedan I saw in Panama City was very nice looking. It is being assembled in the UK using bodyshells, engines and powertrains shipped from China by Shanghai-based parent SAIC Motor Corp. See THIS Article.

The car is being targeted for the UK and this may be the way that China is planning on entering more of the auto market. Time will tell how well it is received. I will say that I was impressed by its looks. You never can tell, the Chinese may be able to produce a better quality MG than the UK did.

Since it is on display in Panama City, there is a possibility you might see one on the road.


Special Events at Restaurante Cuatro

Yesterday, to celebrate Natalie’s outstanding news, we went to Restauante Cuatro. While we were there Chef Luis told me about several upcoming events. One that I am glad to learn about is that Cuatro is planning on changing its schedule and will be open on Sundays and be closed on Mondays. That is what Luis is referring to in the last sentence of his email. When the Sunday openings begin, I will let you know.

I asked Luis to send me an email so I would not forget. It follows.

Good morning,

As I notified you yesterday, I am doing a couple new specials and
events at the restaurant. I’m sending you the invitations to both of

The first one is a special on wines that I’m doing every Tuesday
night. My entire wine list will be 50% off during that period every

The second is a special tasting with Ron Abuelo. We will have experts
from Varela Hnos. directing the tasting of Añejo, 7 year-old and 12
year-old rums. There will be a special selection of small plates to go
with the tasting (menu attached) as well as cocktails made with the
rums to finish the evening.

I’ll be keeping you posted on what’s next also. I’ll be sending you
the announcement for Sunday openings as well.

Thank you very much. Best regards!

Luis Mendizabal
Restaurante Cuatro

Tango Lessons in Boquete

From……: lily

Can I post this message. Not sure anymore about the procedures:

This week we will again be offering tango group classes. They will be held in Jaramillo Arriba, in Terrazas de Boquete, Lote 18.

To get there go over the bridge, past the BCP turn left toward the Feria, continue past hotal Ladera, turn right past 2 bus stop shelters to go up the hill, go about 1 mile up that road, just past Hotel Los Establos. The road starts to curves to the left where you will approach a bridge. Turn right before the bridge (DO NOT GO OVER THE BRIDGE) wher you will see a guard gate and the entrance to terrazas.

You need to scroll down the directory to find the Edward’s number to enter the complex. We will buzz you in.

Classes are as follows:

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for beginners at 5:00 pm – 6:30 pm

Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for intermediates 6:00 pm -to 7:30 pm

These class are $7/person

Saturday will will only have one class for all levels at 7:00 pm to 8:30 pm. We will have a Milonga (dance party) after that. We will have complimentary cocktails and finger food. We ask that everyone bring one dish. This class, the dance party, and drinks will be $10/person.

Private lessons are also avaible and to be arrange with the teachers

Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Report: 5-22-2011

Things in Potrerillos have been quiet however there was one incident of theft of personal property from a resident who lives in Potrerillos Arriba including an update of a pervious burglary case from Potrerillos Abajo.

New case:

An unidentified resident who is believed to be North American lost his or her lap top computer when unknown individual(s) somehow gained access to their PC equipment and disappeared with it. No information was provided about the exact time line of the theft but it is believed that this incident occurred about 3 to 4 weeks ago in the area of Potrerillos Arriba. No additional information was reported related to this crime or any other lost property and no suspect information was provided.

Update on an older burglary case:

An American resident from Potrerillos Abajo reported that after his home was burglarized several months ago that some of his credit cards which were ripped off from his home were being used by unknown individual(s) in David. Information provided suggests that the victim had not discovered that his credit cards were missing before the perpetrators had unlawfully used them. No suspect information has been developed however the victim indicated that he reported this additional crime to the Local Authorities.

Important observations:

About 6 days ago I was on my way to David while cautiously driving through the area in front of the Potrerillos Gas Station when I was almost hit by another vehicle who failed to stop for the clearly marked stop sign posted at the intersection that exits from Potrerillos Abajo. The responsible vehicle an SUV operated by an older Panamanian male driver without due diligence completely failed to stop or even attempt to slow down from the high rate of speed that his was traveling when speeding through the intersection and stop sign.

This incident could have resulted in a serious collision however I was able to avoid this dangerous fool. This entire incident was captured and recorded on my ““DASH CAM “ and the imagery was provided to the Dolega Police Department for possible follow up. You are advised to drive around Potrerillos and David with an abundance of caution. It is recommended that you drive slowly through the construction zones, have your head light on during the day to increase your vehicles visibility and always use your seat belt for your safety. NO Cell Phones while driving!!

I have a high definition wide angle video “dashboard camera” capable of recording up to 5 hours of digital motion imagery while driving. These cameras and other useful technology are available at

Other considerations while operating a vehicle in Panama is to have a small digital camera including a pen and writing pad in your car at all times in case you are involved in an accident. It may be a good idea to keep a copy of the “Emergency Contact” info sheet provided by the Potrerillos NHW program in your vehicle.

Items of interest:

1. A new source for papers spry has been located in David including hand held pistol type dispenser resembling a small 38. revolver that has a range of 25 feet according to the specifications. This vendor also has larger pepper foam/spray type sprayers about the size of a small fire extinguisher for home or office use. They can be found at the “La Casa De las Baterias” 774-4826 WWW.CASABAT.COM

2. I have started production of the in-floor safes (attached). These units are available in a standard size that I am tooled up to produce and can be built larger to accommodate a standard lap top PC. I can also hand craft one or these units any size to fit your specific needs. When properly installed they providing excellent protection for everything you decide or need to safe guard with in it. There have been multiple cases recently where home owners have lost highly valued items of personal property from individual who were employed within their residence. This type of equipment will prevent both internal and external threats. This important addition to your security strategy can also protect the contents from loss due to a fire.

These hand crafted units can be custom manufacture for $300 and require approximately 1½ to 2 weeks to fill orders. Feel free to contact me to examine a prototype or to request one of these high security in-ground vaults for your home, by appointment only.

Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Facilitator

Continue reading Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Report: 5-22-2011