Vacation Summary – In A Word “Fantastic”

I will make this initial post to use as an anchor to the future posts that will cover Lilliam’s and my vacation. Sometimes I get interrupted so the posts may not be contiguous and this post’s comment section will be used to connect to all future posts.

I haven’t put all my thoughts together on how to best cover the time we spent. There are so many elements to cover.

  • There is the 14 day Atlantic Royal Caribbean cruise from Colon, Panama to Palma de Mallorca, Spain. A one word description would have to be “Fantastic”.
  • There is the 2 days spent in Palma de Mallorca. Glad I didn’t immediately fly to Rome.
  • There is the 7 days spent in Rome. Again – “Fantastic”.
  • There is the 4 days spent in Madrid. Much better than my previous Spain trip.
  • Photos of interest
  • Observations relative to Panama
  • etc.

Living in David, Chiriquí Panama, I sometimes feel like I am on a constant vacation. The newness has never worn off since I moved here in 2003. There is always some new adventure and new people to meet. Being out of the U.S. rat race has been a real blessing.

That is why it always sounds strange to me when I say I just went on a vacation. Is it possible to take a vacation from a continuous vacation? Well, that is what I just did.

Over the course of the 27 days, I took over a thousand photos. Thank goodness for digital cameras. It would cost me a fortune if I were to develop that much film. The trick now will be to present enough photos to allow you to share our pleasurable trip and not so many as to bore you to death.

The return flight was 10 hours and 20 minutes according to the timer I set. The flight schedule was to leave Madrid at 1:50 P.M. (Madrid time) and arrive in Panama at 5:20 P.M. (Panama time). The flight was scheduled to take 10 hours and 30 minutes and we beat it by a few minutes. My body is just starting to adjust from the time difference.

I returned to a few tasks that I need to do and will post the trip as fast as I can. I can’t imagine having had a better time than I had. My assumption is that Lilliam feels the same way.

4 thoughts on “Vacation Summary – In A Word “Fantastic”

  1. There are NEVER too many pictures!!!!
    One question: were there alot of smoke-free venues? My last cruise of RC there was only one piano bar with entertainment that was nonsmoking and people even smoked in the hottubs! That was my only complaint about RC, the rest was fantastic.

  2. The smoking areas were designated. There was only one area that bothered me and I will cover it when I post that part of the trip.

  3. Don Ray,

    At 36 exposures per roll of 35mm film, you’d have over 30 rolls! I know I take a lot more pictures with the digital camera because it costs me nothing. I’m looking forward to each installment.

  4. Glad to see you’re back, Don. Look forward to seeing your photos. I’m sure you’ll be busy for the next couple of weeks with all the posting you’ll be doing.

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