Mail Forwarding Observation

I picked up all the mail that had been accumulating while I was gone. I had changed my main mail forwarding company to Multiservices Internationales, known by many as Pakya, before I had left.

I had three bundles of mail waiting for me, each with multiple envelopes. At AirBox Express, I would have paid $2.18 per envelope since I typically received mail several days a week and that was the minimum charge. At Multiservices Internationales, I paid $2.00 for each bundle for a total of $6.00.

I figure my cost would have been over $18 at Airbox Express.

When I selected Multiservices Internationales, I also considered Mailboxes Etc. Their cost was quoted to me as $2.50 per envelope, with multiple deliveries per week. Had I taken an account with them, my costs could have been over $22.00.


2 thoughts on “Mail Forwarding Observation

  1. Interesting, Don. Please post more info if you bring in other items.

    I buy a lot of books and Airbox is efficient but expensive. I just opened an account with Pakya and am looking forward to seeing whether the difference is noticeable. The drawback is that they only bring stuff into PC once a week, and only when there is room.

  2. Yes. If you need faster delivery than PakYa provides, then it may be worth the premium. Over the 8 years I have been here, I have only gont to pick up my mail once a week, so the premium hasn’t proven to be worth it.

    I haven’t read a hardback/paperback book since I bought mu iPad. That illuminates a lot od book shipments. I realize that many still prefer books, but I am not one of them.

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