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Yesterday I went to the new PanaFoto store that has opened in Plaza Terronal. Upon entering I asked to speak with the manager. When I met him, he extended his hand and spoke to me in perfect English. I gave him a Chiriquí Chatter card and told him that I would like to take some photos in the store to post on the Internet so that more people would be aware that PanaFoto had opened. He gave me permission.

As you can see from the following photos, this is a very large store. What you may not realize is that there is a very large storage warehouse for PanaFoto behind the Conway store. I had seen it the last time I was in Conway’s upper snack area.

Let’s take a short tour through the store. When you enter the store and take an overall glance, you realize that this store is bringing more technology and household products to one area than any other store to this point.

This area had car radios, cell phones, wireless home phones and more.

Next to it is the camera area.

This area has watches including Tissot, Citizen and others and high quality sunglasses.


These three lovely ladies will be happy to assist you in this area.

This view also gives an idea of the size of the store.

This is the entrance to the large appliance area. Refrigerators, air-conditioners, washers and dryers, etc.

This area was dedicated to stereo and HiFi equipment.

While I didn’t take a photo of the TV section, it is probably the largest in David. I also didn’t take individual photos of many of the aisles. They had bread-machines, ice-cream machines, quality pots and pans and more. There are also plenty PCs, printers and everything an office needs technology wise.

For me, PanaFoto is a welcome addition to David. I understand it opened on May the 19th.

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  1. Wow, it looks really big and appears to have everything you would want to shop for electronically. Great photos, thanks Don.


  2. We went to PanaFoto and bought a radio. The sales help were all very friendly and helpful. The system lacks efficiency, though. We paid at one counter and then were told to wait for a new unit to be brought out from the back. There was a new unit in a sealed box under the display unit but no one seemed interested in that one. We waited about an hour for this task to be accomplished. The unit was then opened and checked to see everything was there, a very good idea. The clerk said most Americans don´t want to do this.

    The selection of merchandise is amazing-they have Cuisinart knives and a large selection of designer sunglasses-we had lots of time to look while waiting for the boxed radio to appear. If they can speed up the appearance of purchased merchandise to the customer, I think they will do well.

  3. I had exactly the same experience as Donna and Ray, waiting an hour after I paid for my merchandise, not an exaggeration! I will not shop there aganin until they get that snag worked out.

  4. suggestion for them if the hour wait stays in place….put a waiting area with food and or coffee there , ala Starbucks.

  5. The store is quite impressive. Interestingly, a good friend of mine works in the camera dept. For a number of years he worked in the the Audio Foto next door. He tells me that eight of his co-workers came down to PanaFoto with him. Competition? Ouch!

  6. I visited the store last Wednesday and was impressed with the inventory and the whole look of the place. I also thought Multimax was a good place, too, though I didn’t do any price comparison shopping since I visited the two about a week apart.

    I wonder what’s going to move into the empty Audio Foto space in about six months.

  7. I was in the new Multimax Monday and had an excellent experience. Maybe because I was only making an off the rack purchase. The memory sticks are in a locked display and immediately I got the attention of a sales person
    who unlocked the display so I could look more closely at my options. I wandered the store after this just looking as it was my first time and I wanted an idea of what was offered. I went to the check out and was immediately taken care of. The staff was friendly to me and attentive so I had a good first experience.

  8. In our shop we always try to give good service. We offer apologies for any inconvenience and look forward to have had better service on your next visit. Thank you for your preference. If you have any suggestions, comments or complaints can write to email the store:, addressed to the store manager, Mr. Dinesh Budhrani or look for me, my name is Hamilton Amador and we will gladly assist you. The hope soon …

  9. Hello Don I am a retired ARMY VET, I was also thinking of working for the US Embassy in Panama what are your suggestions ?

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