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Yesterday I went to the new MultiMax store that has opened in Plaza Terronal. Upon entering I asked to speak with the manager. When I met him, as he approached he said in Spanish that he did not speak English. I gave him a Chiriquí Chatter card and told him, in Spanish, that I would like to take some photos in the store to post on the Internet so that more people would be aware that MultiMax had opened. He made a phone call and sent one of the employees over that spoke English to say the request had been denied.

It is always good to have choices and now in Plaza Terronal you have three technology and home appliance stores to choose from. It is easy to price compare when they are so close to one another. Don’t forget there is Casa Gala too, which is to the left of MultiMax.

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  1. I presume they can’t deny the exterior photo. Maybe someone in the head office will see this and decide it’s better publicity to have you show some pictures.

  2. In David, any new opening will attract everyone. Most people will seek the bargains and having the three largest technology stores in one plaza will make comparison shopping easier.

  3. It just goes to tell you that the Manager of the store has to make a call to get permission for someone to take photos in his store to give his store FREE advertising. How stupid is that? I wonder who he called? Doesn’t he realize that anyone with a small digital camera could take all the photos they wanted to and nobody would be the wiser and post them on the Internet.

  4. I am sure all stores have their reasons. I know that I have tried for several years to get permission to take photos in ARROCHA and have had no success.

  5. We were in MultiMax once, it´s dark and jumbled, your pictures probably wouldn´t have been able to show what´s there. We asked about an office chair, the clerk was fairly disinterested, said he had two, made no other suggestions and waited for us to leave. Ray then asked about computers and the clerk perked up some, most likely it´s his area of expertise.

    There is a loft area piled with furniture, it didn´t look like it was meant for customers. Compared to the presentation by PanaFoto, these people have a problem.

  6. I dont know what kind of training Multimax give their employees or what kind of working conditions they give to them but even in Panama City I have not found any Multimax store where I received the attention, service and information I wanted. If for any reason I should buy something in that store I go directly to where the product is, pick it up and go directly to pay for it.

  7. I was in the new Multimax Monday and had an excellent experience. As I was browsing a sales person asked if he could help. I was just looking at the time but when I was ready to look at the memory sticks that were in a locked display immediately I got the attention of a sales person
    who unlocked the display so I could look more closely at my options. I wandered the store after this just looking as it was my first time and I wanted an idea of what was offered. I went to the check out and was immediately taken care of. The staff was friendly to me and attentive so I had a good first experience. I found the store to be very pleasant with some bouncy music playing. Of course I want to visit the new Pana Foto but at least for this visit Multimax did it well.

  8. This is no different than any other attempt to get something done with any other place in Panama…..these 3rd world countries can barely understand where they are in the physical world much less how to handle a situation on there own in their immediate world.
    what a bunch of uneducated bull sh–

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