Best Burger in David

I am quite sure that no one is going to believe this, but the other day I had the best cheeseburger I have eaten in David. It was not cheap and cost close to $7 including a soda and fries. A bacon cheeseburger would have been thirty cents more.

I bought it on a lark and really was not expecting to like it, but I was surprised. It had two large patties and ample cheese plus lettuce and tomatoes. The meat was the big surprise. Juicy and very favorable.

The bun was large and just covered the meat. It put the TGIF burger to shame, but that is just my opinion. Everyone has different tastes in burgers. The next time I want a burger, and am willing to spend a little more, I will go back for another.

I know you are wondering where I found this find. Well I will tell you if withhold your judgment until you try one.


It is the new Premium Angus Burger at McDonald’s. I knew you wouldn’t believe it. I also was expecting a tasteless fast food burger and was very surprised. Since it was McDonald’s, I didn’t feel bad about using the Pensionado discount.

9 thoughts on “Best Burger in David

  1. OMG, Who would have thought, Micky D’s

    So far the best Cheeseburger I have eaten is my Wife’s but I am going to have to try this one on your recommendation.


  2. You’re right. Was a big surprise. Over the years on my infrequent visits to Mickey D’s I have stuck with the crispy chicken. Will definitely give it a try. Thanks for being the guinea pig.

  3. Caveat emptor…Don also likes Mrs. Mendoza’s. But in all fairness, I refused to eat at McDoo Doo’s in the States so I won’t do it here. I get my Gringo fix at the Subway Sandwich shop in Plaza Terronal.

    I wish someone would open a Popeye’s Chicken place in David. Pio Pio and KFC would fold within six months. LOVE THAT CHICKEN FROM POPEYE’S.

  4. Yes, the plates I have said I liked at Mrs. Mendozas, I did like. It has been a few months since I have been there. If I remember right, you ate something different than I get.

  5. Don Ray:
    I have tried that burger in our locals Micky D’s. They are pretty decent. But now in CA the restaurants are madated by law to post the calories on the food (did anybody say Nanny’s state) and this pack a punch in it.
    It’s funny how some gringos crave the food I eat regularly here… but I wish I can eat what you are eating there!

  6. Hi Jamie,

    What I wish I could get is some good TexMex enchiladas, a couple tacos. With some defied beens and Mexican rice. I could even go for some bean and cheese nachos.

  7. haven’t tried it yet, but i think i will… sounds good… but finding a decent restaurant is so hard… that’s why i prefer to cook at home… i’d rather my parents tell me what they want and i prepare it and everyone’s happy…

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