Body Clock Still On Europe Time

My body clock still has not acclimated to being back in Panama. Close, but not there yet.

While I am trying to organize my thoughts and photos of our trip, I though I would mention one thing before I forgot it.

We spent two days in Panama City before returning to David. On Sunday we went out to eat and to a theater and I saw an MG on display. I remember in the late 50’s or early 60’s the MG sports cars I drooled over.

Well, the brand is returning. The sedan I saw in Panama City was very nice looking. It is being assembled in the UK using bodyshells, engines and powertrains shipped from China by Shanghai-based parent SAIC Motor Corp. See THIS Article.

The car is being targeted for the UK and this may be the way that China is planning on entering more of the auto market. Time will tell how well it is received. I will say that I was impressed by its looks. You never can tell, the Chinese may be able to produce a better quality MG than the UK did.

Since it is on display in Panama City, there is a possibility you might see one on the road.


13 thoughts on “Body Clock Still On Europe Time

  1. The one in Panama City was left hand drive. However, the main target based on the article will be for the UK and they will be right hand drive.

  2. Welcome back Don Ray! Glad you enjoyed your trip. Of course we are anxious to hear and see about it but, please, take your time and recuperate first.

  3. I think the MG has been in production for several years with a very few selected markets, the big one that comes to mind is Japan. I have seen only one several years ago and the price was in excess of $60,00.00. I am a MGB type guy, what that really means is I have nothing to do other than wait for the repairman to come, or fix it myself. When they were working they were sure fun to drive !!!!

    Lucas…The Prince of darkness….

    Why to the British drink warm beer ? Lucas makes the frig….

    Welcome back………….

  4. Maybe it has been around. I haven’t seen any in years.

    The quoted Bloomberg article says,

    Britain’s iconic MG sports-car brand began producing its first new model in the U.K. in 16 years today using bodyshells, engines and powertrains shipped from China by Shanghai-based parent SAIC Motor Corp.

    The date of the article was April 13, 2011.

    I was surprised to see it. I looked at the sticker on the car and did not see a price.

  5. and Gene “Gentlemen dont drive after dark” a sir Lucas saying….
    I`m a TR6 owner!

  6. actually , the OLD MG TF was my favorite…the early 50s model. I dont like when they re-use a model number ….TF to me is always going to be the OLD original TF….

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