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Mail Forwarding Observation

I picked up all the mail that had been accumulating while I was gone. I had changed my main mail forwarding company to Multiservices Internationales, known by many as Pakya, before I had left.

I had three bundles of mail waiting for me, each with multiple envelopes. At AirBox Express, I would have paid $2.18 per envelope since I typically received mail several days a week and that was the minimum charge. At Multiservices Internationales, I paid $2.00 for each bundle for a total of $6.00.

I figure my cost would have been over $18 at Airbox Express.

When I selected Multiservices Internationales, I also considered Mailboxes Etc. Their cost was quoted to me as $2.50 per envelope, with multiple deliveries per week. Had I taken an account with them, my costs could have been over $22.00.


Vacation Summary – In A Word “Fantastic”

I will make this initial post to use as an anchor to the future posts that will cover Lilliam’s and my vacation. Sometimes I get interrupted so the posts may not be contiguous and this post’s comment section will be used to connect to all future posts.

I haven’t put all my thoughts together on how to best cover the time we spent. There are so many elements to cover.

  • There is the 14 day Atlantic Royal Caribbean cruise from Colon, Panama to Palma de Mallorca, Spain. A one word description would have to be “Fantastic”.
  • There is the 2 days spent in Palma de Mallorca. Glad I didn’t immediately fly to Rome.
  • There is the 7 days spent in Rome. Again – “Fantastic”.
  • There is the 4 days spent in Madrid. Much better than my previous Spain trip.
  • Photos of interest
  • Observations relative to Panama
  • etc.

Living in David, Chiriquí Panama, I sometimes feel like I am on a constant vacation. The newness has never worn off since I moved here in 2003. There is always some new adventure and new people to meet. Being out of the U.S. rat race has been a real blessing.

That is why it always sounds strange to me when I say I just went on a vacation. Is it possible to take a vacation from a continuous vacation? Well, that is what I just did.

Over the course of the 27 days, I took over a thousand photos. Thank goodness for digital cameras. It would cost me a fortune if I were to develop that much film. The trick now will be to present enough photos to allow you to share our pleasurable trip and not so many as to bore you to death.

The return flight was 10 hours and 20 minutes according to the timer I set. The flight schedule was to leave Madrid at 1:50 P.M. (Madrid time) and arrive in Panama at 5:20 P.M. (Panama time). The flight was scheduled to take 10 hours and 30 minutes and we beat it by a few minutes. My body is just starting to adjust from the time difference.

I returned to a few tasks that I need to do and will post the trip as fast as I can. I can’t imagine having had a better time than I had. My assumption is that Lilliam feels the same way.

Before I Start

Before I start on a recap of our vacation, I want to cover one item, so that it doesn’t distract from the other descriptions and evaluations of the trip.

As you may remember, I had a rather deflating experience prior to leaving. When I canceled the passage for Natalie, that Royal Caribbean staff had said would be refundable if insurance were purchased, I was told that I would not be reimbursed by the insurance provider.

When I boarded the ship and got settled in, I made an appointment to talk to the ship’s manager on deck five to discuss the problem.

The individual listened to my problem and said he would see if there was anything he could do. I met with him one morning and I received a call from him about 5 P.M. In the afternoon. He said that Royal Caribbean would be refunding 75% of the price of the passage in cash and the balance would be in a credit toward a future trip. I said this would be fine.

He said he also wanted to do something nice because of the problem and asked if Lilliam would enjoy a session at the spa. I said that would be nice and he told me to schedule it and they would be expecting my call. Lilliam enjoyed her pampering and I will try to cover that as a part of the 14 day cruise writeup.

While I am still awaiting for the refund to be fully canceled, I am confident it will be and am most appreciative of the way in which Royal Caribbean handled the matter.

Since that was a negative event prior to the trip, I didn’t want its discussion to distract from the positive things I will have to say about the actual voyage.

Best Burger in David

I am quite sure that no one is going to believe this, but the other day I had the best cheeseburger I have eaten in David. It was not cheap and cost close to $7 including a soda and fries. A bacon cheeseburger would have been thirty cents more.

I bought it on a lark and really was not expecting to like it, but I was surprised. It had two large patties and ample cheese plus lettuce and tomatoes. The meat was the big surprise. Juicy and very favorable.

The bun was large and just covered the meat. It put the TGIF burger to shame, but that is just my opinion. Everyone has different tastes in burgers. The next time I want a burger, and am willing to spend a little more, I will go back for another.

I know you are wondering where I found this find. Well I will tell you if withhold your judgment until you try one. Continue reading Best Burger in David

MultiMax in David

Yesterday I went to the new MultiMax store that has opened in Plaza Terronal. Upon entering I asked to speak with the manager. When I met him, as he approached he said in Spanish that he did not speak English. I gave him a Chiriquí Chatter card and told him, in Spanish, that I would like to take some photos in the store to post on the Internet so that more people would be aware that MultiMax had opened. He made a phone call and sent one of the employees over that spoke English to say the request had been denied.

It is always good to have choices and now in Plaza Terronal you have three technology and home appliance stores to choose from. It is easy to price compare when they are so close to one another. Don’t forget there is Casa Gala too, which is to the left of MultiMax.