Phase One of Operation Juggler is Complete

Phase One of Operation Juggler is complete. The U.S. Citizen (known to many in David as The Juggler) that was missing and later found needing an operation to remove a tumor, has made the first leg of his trip back to the U.S. and is currently across the hall from me in Hotel Milan in Panama City.

The most difficult part of the trip was getting him on and off the small Air Panama aircraft. Getting him off the plane was the most difficult taking 20 minutes, after all other passengers had exited.

I would like to thank my friend John Clement, in David, for all of his help getting The Juggler from his apartment to the David airport this morning. A good friend of The Juggler had come down to Panama to escort The Juggler back to the U.S. John also provided a place for The Juggler’s friend to stay for his one night in David.

I would like to thank my friend Omar for helping The Juggler’s friend with transportation from Tocumen to the Milan Hotel, and the next day to Albrook for his flight to David. Today Omar met all of us at Albrook and took The Juggler and his friend to the Milan hotel.

Omar had asked the hotel if they had a wheelchair and while they didn’t, the receptionist loaned her desk chair to roll The Juggler to his room. Thank you Hotel Milan.

I also would like to thank The Juggler’s angel, without which, I am quite confident that today’s trip would never have happened. Had she not insisted that I come see him, he might not have gotten checked to find the problem. After that she was beside his side caring for him until he departed the David airport this morning.

The fact that the U.S. Embassy was able to arrange an emergency passport for The Juggler’s friend and the fact that we were able to line up transportation on one of the most difficult traveling times in Panama still amazes me. Thanks to the U.S. Embassy or the passport help and to the Man upstairs who must have helped allowing the flight arrangements to be made.

Phase Two of Operation Juggler will begin at 10:30A.M. tomorrow, when Omar will return and deliver the pair to Tocumen for their flight to Houston. I will help until they leave the hotel and then Lilliam and I will head to Colon, to begin our trip.

I am assuming that tomorrow’s transportation will be a little easier for The Juggler, with larger airplanes and no stairs to negotiate.

I will stay in contact with The Juggler’s family in the U.S. and will try to let his friends know how he is doing.

All of the Chiriquí Chatter readers, that have a good relationship with the Man upstairs are requested to put in a good word for The Juggler.

Lets all hope that Phase Three of Operation Juggler (recovery from surgery) goes as well as Phase one and the upcoming Phase Two.

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  1. Thank you so much for the detailed information! From his family in the U.S who are anxiously awaiting his safe return, we thank you all for your help in aiding us to find our Uncle Mike also lovingly known to you all as The Juggler. We are very glad that he seems to mean as much to you all as he does to us. We thank the Man upstairs every day for all of you. Without the help of you and many others, we may not be lucky enough to get our Uncle Mike back. We will be there during his surgery and recovery every step of the way and will be sure to keep you all posted on his progress. Please let his friends know in Panama that we thank them for their kindness and prayers, we know how much they mean to Mike (The Juggler). Again, we cannot thank the many that have helped in operation Juggler enough, we are forever grateful! And may the Man upstairs bless you all.

    Jen Robison
    (Mikes niece in-law

  2. Update:

    Family members are on their way to the airport as we speak to meet The Juggler and friend. They are hoping to get there with enough time to get guest passes, clear security and meet him on the concourse. If they can’t do that, they are meeting at baggage claim. We packed a step stool and a blanket for him. Not sure if the stool will help get him into the car or not, but thought that it might.

    They are taking him straight to the VA hospital from the airport. Lucky for them, Justin (his nephew) is very familiar with it and how to get there etc. Everyone is on edge and nerves are frayed but hanging in there. I know that we are all really scared and nervous to see him.

    After landing in Houston, The Juggler and friend were detained because one of them had a police baton in his bag. We were all pretty worried because the DA had to decide whether to press charges or not. Apparently they let the pair go but caused them to miss their initial flight. The next flight out was delayed for a while and I can’t for the life of me remember why. They are scheduled to land at Denver International Airport at 11:53ppm.

    We talked to The Juggler before he boarded the flight to Denver. He sounded okay, but he said he was very tired and wasn’t feeling super great. He made a joke about the baton and that was that.

    Will let you all know when we hear anything else….thanks again to everyone in Panama who had a part in caring for The Juggler or had a part in orchestrating transportation, we don’t know what we would have done without all of your efforts. You’ll always be family to us!


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