Super Replica Customer Asks For Help

Everyday, I get hits because of old posts I did about Super Replicas in David. Super Replicas promised to show me a car many times and never delivered on the promise. I finally gave up and quit asking to see one.

Because I was getting so many hits, I sent an email to Super Replica asking if Tony Sinclair still was involved with the company.

I received a reply back from Tony saying he is still here and still involved. The only replica I ever saw was shown in this old post. Tony told me he didn’t want me to take closeups photos because he said it was not up to final quality.

The Super Replica shop is across the street from Da- Li restaurant. I have been to the Da-Li restaurant several times and have not seen anyone entering, leaving or any cars. I still could not say if this location is involved with a replica business or not.  If you go to Da-Li, you might want to go across the street and ask to see some of their work.

The other locations that Tony had shown me for the early posts are do not appear to be associated with SR anymore. I really don’t know the status of this company, but if it were me, I would go to the assembly plant and ask to see examples of finished products before I blindly sent money.

I say this because I just received the following request for help from a client of Super Replica. At his request, I am posting his email.

From……: Ricardo

Hello, my name is Ricardo Amorim. I’m talking from Brazil. I’m contacting you because, you’re from the same city of the one company that I look for. The name is Super Replica. Could you help me with any information would already be very kind. I’m thinking that I was curled. I sent money to this people and they simply disappeared. Can you help me with anything that you have? Any information, any personal judgment. Will help very much. I’m talking from Brasília, Brazil – capital of Brazil.

Thanks I will waiting for you answer.

4 thoughts on “Super Replica Customer Asks For Help

  1. SR brings up a curiosity………………..

    What happened to the fella that was going to break the land speed record?

    I remember him being sponsored by SR in some way, shape or form.

  2. Super replica has stolen money from my son.his savings to open a rental car business to take care of his son.I have been forced to workong hours as we both are losing our homes.its not lime my son blndly sent money.he personally went to meet and see for himself.making two more trips,with hotel and food has been going on three years my sons $20,000 plus trips, to lawyer.and money spent in an attempt to bring car through Mexico into no avail.Tony Sinclair is a thief with no heart or conscious.he will reap what he has sown for taking hard working peoples money,with his scam. Rosa m Poole.mother of the one he stole from.

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