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Everyday, I get hits because of old posts I did about Super Replicas in David. Super Replicas promised to show me a car many times and never delivered on the promise. I finally gave up and quit asking to see one.

Because I was getting so many hits, I sent an email to Super Replica asking if Tony Sinclair still was involved with the company.

I received a reply back from Tony saying he is still here and still involved. The only replica I ever saw was shown in this old post. Tony told me he didn’t want me to take closeups photos because he said it was not up to final quality.

The Super Replica shop is across the street from Da- Li restaurant. I have been to the Da-Li restaurant several times and have not seen anyone entering, leaving or any cars. I still could not say if this location is involved with a replica business or not.  If you go to Da-Li, you might want to go across the street and ask to see some of their work.

The other locations that Tony had shown me for the early posts are do not appear to be associated with SR anymore. I really don’t know the status of this company, but if it were me, I would go to the assembly plant and ask to see examples of finished products before I blindly sent money.

I say this because I just received the following request for help from a client of Super Replica. At his request, I am posting his email.

From……: Ricardo

Hello, my name is Ricardo Amorim. I’m talking from Brazil. I’m contacting you because, you’re from the same city of the one company that I look for. The name is Super Replica. Could you help me with any information would already be very kind. I’m thinking that I was curled. I sent money to this people and they simply disappeared. Can you help me with anything that you have? Any information, any personal judgment. Will help very much. I’m talking from Brasília, Brazil – capital of Brazil.

Thanks I will waiting for you answer.

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  1. SR brings up a curiosity………………..

    What happened to the fella that was going to break the land speed record?

    I remember him being sponsored by SR in some way, shape or form.

  2. Super replica has stolen money from my son.his savings to open a rental car business to take care of his son.I have been forced to workong hours as we both are losing our homes.its not lime my son blndly sent money.he personally went to meet and see for himself.making two more trips,with hotel and food has been going on three years my sons $20,000 plus trips, to lawyer.and money spent in an attempt to bring car through Mexico into no avail.Tony Sinclair is a thief with no heart or conscious.he will reap what he has sown for taking hard working peoples money,with his scam. Rosa m Poole.mother of the one he stole from.

  3. I stumbled across a YouTube video with a VERY authentic looking orange Lamborghini “replica” that was produced by Super Replicas. After watching this amazing piece of machinery in a 4 minute clip, I was told that I too, could own a car of this stature for ONLY 20k USD 😳 so I could see how some buyers were sucked in. Being a native jersey resident, I reside from a land of 20 dollar knock off gucci bags. A fake is still a fake regardless of it’s Ferrari or Versace label. There is no short cut to success… It takes hard work and devotion. This is what happens when u let ur dreams surpass ur reality. I get blindsided by scams and fall victim to ur own shortcomings. In theory it sounds good… But the reality of it is: if anyone could own a super car for $20,000.00 USD… Don’t u think A LOT more of them would be on the roads?

  4. Hello,

    This is an interesting topic (Supercars for $20,000?).

    I would like to caution persons that are considering a purchase from this company that is known as Super Replicas, as well as at least 10 other names. All indications are that this company is a scam.

    I see several posts on this site that state a “Tony Sinclair” has represented himself as the owner of Super Replicas. This is not true. There is no “Tony Sinclair”. The legal registered owner of this company is shown to be DANIEL JOHN SEPPINGS and his wife ESMERALDA JIMENEZ GARCIA SANCHEZ, both of Chiriqui (David), Panama. You may Google these names to find additional information on Daniel and his wife.

    Daniel Seppings is from Melbourne Australia and Esmeralda Jimenez Garcia is a Mexican national. Daniel John Seppings has an extensive criminal history (bomb threats, illegal possession of a firearm, trespassing, harassment, fraudulent use of a Social Security number/identity theft, child molestation and a number of other minor charges). Each of these criminal charges can be independently verified via Google and internet research.

    The company (Super Replicas) was registered on 07-24-2008 under Panama Registration Number:1390691 and you may research via Google and view the incorporation papers related to this company.

    The attorney that completed the incorporation registration, and was the Super Replicas “attorney” at the time is shown on the registration application to be: KARL JESUS COPRIZ ROSAS

    This attorney was sentenced to a lengthy prison term for fraud and being involved in various Panamanian scams and plead guilty to a charge of “breaking community trust”. You may Google his name to find additional information.

    Esmeralda is also listed as the director of “Super Mega Yachts”

    You can view the OFFICIAL incorporation documents here:

    Super Replicas

    Super Mega Yacht Builders

    These two also own Topgeartvseries Cars and others. You can view the various incorporation documents by doing diligent research.

    If you are considering purchasing a replica Ferrari or Lamborghini from this company please do your research on whom you are dealing with.

    If you have been a victim of this company please post your experience here. Also, if you have had a good experience with this company I’m sure people would like to hear about that as well.

    The information I have provided in this post is being provided as factual data regarding this company. Everything stated here can be independently verified via simple Google research. If something is mis-stated or not factual please offer your corrections and supporting data for such correction.

    Lastly, if anyone has additional questions regarding Mr Daniel Seppings, and/or Super Replicas, you may contact me directly and I would be pleased to provide sources of factual data and information to assist you in your assessment of this company and it’s ownership.

    My name is: Robert K. Morris and you may contact me at:

  5. To Rosa Poole: While your son was totally scammed, when it comes to this instance, your son is still just as much at fault.When dealing with such large amounts of money, you should ALWAYS do extensive research and not allow your dreams to surpass reality. If you son wanted to start a rental car company, he shouldn’t be looking to buy fake high end cars from a sketchy place half way across the world. While I agree that the scum bag who is doing this to people is totally wrong and will get whats coming to him/her, your son only has himself to blame for sending someone money without legal guarantees or a legally binding contract. In California, if you want someone to even work on your car you have to pre approve the work on a contract and agree to the work being done/the amount you will pay for it. You should always take precaution. But for your son to want to buy fake supercars in order to start a rental car company, that was your first mistake…

  6. I m interesting to buy but why the want the money in Panama???
    Wire instructions
    The name of the USA intermediary Bank is CITI Bank
    bank address is 111 Wall street New York USA
    The IBAN number is 021000089
    The Swift number is: CITIUS33
    The intermediary USA bank account number is 36026827
    Final Destination of the Bank:
    /The BANK ADDRESS: Calle 50, Edif. Plaza Credicorp Bank, Panamá, Republic of Panamá

    /The BENEFICIARY address: ciudad de David, provincia de Chiriqui, Panama

    Once you have made the bank transfer please send us a copy of the receipt of the bank transfer to this email so we can confirm the arrival of the funds and send you a receipt.

    David Brabham

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