Seven Days And Counting

The excitement is increasing and the remaining time is decreasing. This week will be one consumed mostly of making the final preparations for Lilliam’s and my vacation of a lifetime.

Thanks to a post on a local blog, I learned about a one way cruise leaving Colon, Panama and terminating in Palma de Mallorca, Spain. 14 days with a seven day stretch that is only the Atlantic Ocean. No TV. Limited Internet.

We will spend two days in Palma de Mallorca before heading to Rome for seven days. From Rome we will go to Madrid, Spain for four more days. All good things come to an end and Spain is followed up by a long 10 hour flight from Madrid to Panama City.

I have made arrangements for a good friend to post any U.S. Embassy notices that may come up while I am gone. I will ask the Embassy to contact other Wardens to cover the David area while I am gone. Do them a favor and stay safe and watch out for each other.

Other than potential ACS messages, I will try to post short posts at various times on the trip, but they will not include any photos. When I return I will recap our trip. Hopefully it will only contain good times and no bad times. However when one is gone for a month, you have to expect the unexpected. I am planning on living the Jame’s Dean thought that is the top of the blog.

One sad thing happened. I had thought that Natalie, Lilliam’s daughter was going to be able to accompany us on the 14 day cruise portion of the trip before she returns to China. However, her China paperwork has not been able to be completed in time for her to go. I had purchased her RCCL ticket and I am now learning that the canceling of tickets and getting the refunds is much more difficult than purchasing them in the first place. I had purchased trip cancellation insurance, so it will just be a matter of time.

Tomorrow I will call all of the credit card companies and tell them that they should expect charges outside of Panama. I need to take Koki to get her groomed and ready for her vacation away from me. Luckily she will be with Natalie, so she will be content. I will try to complete the paperwork to get Natalie’s refund and I am going to order a Greenburg Turkey to be sent to my Uncle for his 95th birthday. Sorry I can be there Uncle Horace. The last thing I will do tomorrow is buy the Air Panama tickets to Panama for Saturday. Sunday is the day we set sail.

As of this post, there is seven days, 1 hour, 45 minutes and some seconds until our appointed time at the ship Grandeur of the Seas. This is not my last post before we leave, but I am setting the stage.


10 thoughts on “Seven Days And Counting

  1. Wow, ya gotta lotta noive! Leaving los Chiriquanos unsupervised? When the cat’s away ….

    Seriously, vaya con la Diosa. I hope that your journey is infused with magic!


  2. I hope you can get into the countryside in Italy, a trip to Assisi would be perfect. Just to see one of the aquaducts!
    You will have much to see in Rome, practice your neck turning! They do have the problems of any large city, but what a city! Enjoy yourselves!

  3. Best wishes for your trip!! It sounds awesome ..
    You’ll be missed .. but we’ll be anxiously waiting
    to read all about your trip and to catch a glimpse
    of the awesome photos 🙂

    Que tenga un muy muy buen viaje Senor Don Ray!


  4. Lots to see in Rome….I used to go every summer in the 60`s when I lived in Sweden….just a note of warning…wherever you stay do NOT stay in the hotel across from the Fountana di Trevi….my ex and I did in 67, as romantic it seems, you cannot sleep because of the noise of the water…and when you finally get used to it and fall asleep, they turn it off 3.30+- in the am to clean it! then you wake up too…then an hour later it starts up again and you wake up once more!

    Have a great trip!
    I also worked my way over from Houston to France in summer of 68, its a very nice trip, if not too windy…you`ll see whales, dolphins, huge turtles, and lots of horizon!

  5. Don and Lilliam: Wish you a great and safe trip! Will be waiting eagerly for your return and know about your adventures in Europe.
    Lilia and Mama Rosa

  6. Hi Don and Lilliam,
    I know you will have a wonderful trip and enjoy it all. Guess who else is going?
    Jerry and Aris

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