This morning I was trying to remember how Chiriquí Chatter got started and whether Chiriquí Chatter is me of whether I have become it. Kind of the chicken and the egg scenario, but this is more the blog and the person.

I know when I moved to Panama I started sending journal styled emails to my family and friends in the U.S. as a means of their keeping in touch. I guess if there had been a FaceBook then, Chiriquí Chatter might never have happened.

On old friend in Virginia suggested I turn my emails into a blog, which led me to finding out what a blog was and what it took to manage one. The rest is history.

I was just looking at the first post I wrote when the blog was Its transformation to is another story for another day.

I thought you might like to see the first post when Chiriquí Chatter opened at

It was the first poem I wrote in Panama and is in the Poem TAG area. It follows.

Chiriquí Chatter
By Don Ray Williams
August 21, 2003

I have things to say,
But they probably don’t matter;
So just think of it as
Chiriquí chatter.

It’s the simple musings
Of one easily impressed,
By the common things in life,
The ones I like best.

Here in my journal,
I’ll record each event,
To remember my time
And how it was spent

Then maybe some day,
When my ashes are scattered,
You’ll remember me,
from my Chiriquí Chatter.

© Don Ray Williams 08 21, 2003

6 thoughts on “Origins

  1. Nice pome, deeaarrdub!

    You know, thanks in part to all your hard work (and your miscellaneous fartin’ around …) I get to revisit Chiriqui on a near-daily basis — and I like it! Salud!

  2. Nice poem and nice blog, Don. I think to do a blog that you need the technical skills to put up all the doo-dads like dates, comment sections, maps, languages, and what-not (and also the humorous little aphorisms!).

    Probably most important is the discipline (which I don’t have) to enter something every day or almost as frequently, that catches the interest of your readers – and you have that discipline, Don. Congratulations, and thanks for writing!

  3. tuxi says:
    April 16, 2011 at 8:34 am

    Don Ray,

    Thanks for the reintroduction for those of us who came by much later than the beginning.


  4. Don Ray:
    Boy I am so glad FACEBOOK was not around at that time! Thanks again for your blog and for been objective on your comments.

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