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Free Kittens

I received the following for posting:


Thanks Don for posting this,
Free Kittens looking for a new home. They were rescued off the street coming up the hill from David about 10 days ago.
They are approx. 7-8 weeks old. They are both girls, no fleas, are playful, friendly, getting fat and lots of purring going on.
They play together and keep each other company, would like to keep them together.
call Carol Zulla @ 6-708-6318 or carolzulla@yahoo.com

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Who Is Your Angel?

The time is 6:12 A.M. as I begin to write this post. I haven’t been able to sleep since my cell phone rang at 5:30 A.M. This post may ramble a bit, so bear with me. If there are a lot of errors, forgive me. I will edit it more later.

Let me begin by asking each of you that have moved to Panama or who contemplating moving to Panama to ask yourself one question, “Who is my Angel?”

You probably remember that I posted a request recently about a missing person. In doing it, I only posted a photo because the U.S. Embassy could only grant me permission to post the photo and not the name. I should also mention that my post came four days after the Embassy had originally called me asking for help, because it took that long to get authorization for me to use the photo.

I even got some grief from a Boquete Ning group because the Embassy was asking for help and would not give the name. I have to admit that it annoyed me to read the comment, which I look at as an attack on the Embassy when any intelligent person would have looked at the photo and said I know him or I don’t. If I’d don’t know his photo, what good would me having read his name have done. Not a damn thing.

The post, however, did it’s job. I received one call from the U.S., from my friend Tom McCormack, who knew him and told me where he typically hung out and where I might find him or friends that knew him. Continue reading Who Is Your Angel?