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$1,000 Reward

I received the following request for posting:

I wonder if you might post this. Our friends at the Las Nubes EcoHaven ( are missing Kaiser, a marvelous Rottweiler.

And again I want to let you know just what a great job you do. Aside from our very keen interest in Chiriqui, I use as an example of what a blog really should be.

Best to you.

Bruce C


Nombre: KAISER
Complexión: ROBUSTA
Fecha de desaparición: 27/Marzo/2011
Lugar de desaparición: Las Nubes, Cerro Punta
Celular: 67409654 – 69508284 – 65874192
Residencial: 7712680 – 7300205 – 7704128

Photos can be seen HERE.

Thinking To Back When

Thinking To Back When
By Don Ray Williams
March 29, 2011

Do you ever spend any time, thinking to back when?
When you were younger, more energetic, healthier and then,


Something jolts you to the present, and what you find today,
Is one that’s older, more lethargic, somewhat infirm and grey.


What happened to all those years, that were between then and now?
Where did they go? How did they slip by so fast? Really I ask you, HOW?


Some say if I’d done this or I’d done that, I know things would be better.
For me, I say live for today and don’t be a regretter.


Hindsight is 20/20, I have often heard it said,
So put off worrying about the past until the day after you’re dead.


I spend very little time, thinking to back then,
I think only of the future, and when asked about activities, I just say “When”?


In case you are wondering about what to eat this week for lunch (happens to me often), here are a couple weekly menus for two of my favorite places to go.

You might try the Hotel Ciudad de David.

You might also try Restaurante Cuatro.

Menú de Almuerzo ejecutivo / Executive lunch menu


Ensalada de lechuga Boston con aderezo de cebollina

Butterhead lettuce salad with green onion dressing

Crema de zanahorias al curry

Cream of carrot soup with curry powder

Pimentón relleno de queso servido con pico de gallo

Cheese stuffed bell pepper served with tomato salsa

· · · ·

Bistec de pechuga de pollo apanado servido con papas salteadas y chutney de mango

Fried chicken cutlet with sautéed potatoes and mango chutney


Croqueta de pescado con arroz blanco y salsa criolla de tomates

Fish croquette with steamed rice and creole tomato sauce


Molde de carne servido con puré de papas al ajo asado y reducción de vinagre de cidra y miel

Meatloaf served with roasted garlic mashed potatoes and a honey-cider vinegar reduction

· · · ·

Soda, jugo natural o té frío
Soda, fresh juice or iced tea

B/. 9.50


Mexican Food At The Beach

Saturday Lilliam, Natalie and I accepted an invitation to go to some friend’s house and enjoy some Mexican food. I jumped at the offer almost before the last word has left my friend’s mouth.

Mexican food – one of those things you hear about in Panama, but one that never materializes like the Mexican food I long for every now and then.

The drive to La Barqueta was longer than I remember. Maybe it was because of the fact my mouth was watering in anticipation of what was to come.

When the food came there was no disappointment. Ken proved himself to be a Mexican food chef extraordinaire. Homemade re-fried beans covered in cheese, a chicken chalupa with a flavor that would satisfy the most critical Mexican food connoisseur, salad and homemade mango Picadillo that added a little spice to brighten your day. WOW. It just doesn’t get better than that!

Not to be outdone, Sharon had whipped up a Mexican brownie, loaded with walnuts, a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and covered in her homemade chocolate. Another big WOW! Continue reading Mexican Food At The Beach

ACS Does David

The American Citizens Services unit of the US Embassy was in David on March 22nd at the Gran Nacional Hotel.

I dropped in to say hello to Tania on the right of the photo above. Tania is my go to person when I have questions I need answered from the US Embassy in Panama City. She also is the one that sends me the ACS messages that I post as a Warden service to American Citizens living in Panama.

I believe the other US Embassy representative that was here was Allen on the left, but I may have forgotten the name. If I got the name wrong, consider it a senior moment and forgive me. I met Allen on my last trip to Panama City when I needed to get my Passport replaced.

Multiservicios Internacionales De Chiriquí

Since I opened an account with Multiservicios De Chiriquí as a mail agent, to receive my mail from the US, I thought I would do another post to tell you where it is. If you are on the InterAmerican Highway, going toward the Frontera, you turn left at the Shell Gas station diagonal to Kentucky Fried Chicken.

Stay in the right lane and go all the way to the end and you will have to turn right. On your right, across from Romero’s, you will see the following sign. The office on the corner is for Multiservicios Internacionales De Chiriquí.

Inside you will be greeted by either Gabriela (on the left) or Ariadna (on the right). Both speak excellent English.

On my last visit, I asked about the delivery schedule. They normally have space on a flight from Florida on Wednesday of each week. Mail leaving on Wednesday should be in David on Friday. This means that your normal time to receive mail, from Florida, should be 3 to 10 days, depending on when your mail gets to the Miami location. Other exceptions will be the effect of US and Panamanian holidays.

Don’t forget to tell Gabriela and Ariadna that you saw them on Chiriquí Chatter.