Parque Cervantes Free WiFi

I had to go downtown today to meet a lady that had found an American Passport. The US Embassy had contacted me yesterday and asked if I could pick it up and hold it for them.

While I was waiting, I used my iPad via the free Panama WiFi network (InternetParaTodos) that has many locations around the country. Parque Cervantes is one of those locations.

The speed was fine and the signal was strong. Because of the way you connect using the network, I feel it is reasonably secure. None the less I still activated my VPN and was totally secure.

This is really a great service that Panama Is providing its people!

5 thoughts on “Parque Cervantes Free WiFi

  1. If someone from the U.S. visits Panama and brings his ipad (connected to ATT in the U.S.), will he be able to use it here by connecting to any wireless network?

  2. We will be in Panama in mid-Sept. for 2 weeks to ‘research’ our pending retirement and are looking forward to exploring the free WiFi services available such as that in Parque Cervantes. Your ipad should work there on WiFi just fine.

    RE: the ATT iPAd question above….you don’t want to pay for ‘out of country’ cell phone connections at high rates. As seen suggested, visit a ‘cell phone’ sales store or outlet and have them change out your SIM card for a local prepaid service. The standard Sim cards are ‘cut down’ to micro Sim size (videos on YouTube) and you can go ‘online’ anywhere there is cell service. And that service can be ‘renewed’ by purchasing a card at many locations to extend prepaid service.

    You chose the right version of the iPAd (ATT) as it operates on GSM….Verizon does not.
    As a long time Verizon customer, I hated buying the ATT and regreted it more when I found the ATT service at my work location was so poor it took 3 1/2 minutes to download the Google search page. Changed the Sim here to T-Mobile within 2 weeks of getting the iPAD and now have excellent service anywhere I’ve been.

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