AirBox Express Changes

I had to go to AirBox Express today to pickup my mail. What a difference I found. Everything was organized! The phone was not ringing off the wall and not being answered. There were three people there, two permanent staff of David and a representative from Panama City who was doing training.

I must say I was impressed and feel that the changes are going to have a very positive effect. Since I had complained in the past, I felt that I should report that the complaints have been heard and are being acted upon.

4 thoughts on “AirBox Express Changes

  1. Don,
    Well I hate to bust your bubble about Airbox but……
    Two weeks ago we shipped a large box to the U.S.. We were told it would cost $230.00
    and that it would take approx. 4 to 5 days to arrive. OK no problem. Two days later we get a call that we have to come down and pay another $31.00 because the David office had underestimated the weight. I’m thinking..don’t they have a scale. Well silly me!.Duh no. We go down and pay and they finally ship the box. We are done right! Duh again.
    Two days ago we go down to pick up a package and they say they have to charge another $1.10 because DHL had charged them more than the $261.00 and we have to pay it. Well that’s about the time the REPRESENTATIVE from P.C. gets involved and the fight ensued. He is telling us how things are going to change and he is there to straighten things out and blah,blah,blah (reminds me of a current president in the U.S.)
    so we say “then we don’t have to pay the $1.10 because it was your companies fault”.
    Guess what…Duh again. If I would have had $1.10 in pennies guess where they would have gone. We paid the $1.10 and left the office…but not before getting about $1.10 worth of his posterior.

  2. Hi Steve,

    If the Panama City rep had been smart, then Airbox would have eaten the entire amount. That is what a US company would have done if their unresponsible employee made a mistake and undercharged.

    Sorry. I had hoped that the improvement in the office indicated an overall improvement. I told the Panama Representative I wished they had spent the time getting their act together before I went to the trouble of changing all of my account addresses to a new provider.

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