Huge Fire In David Yesterday

Last night I read about a huge fire that occurred on Calle Cuatro downtown. I needed to get out this morning so I took my camera.

The first photo is of the Shopping Center, which was the end boundary of the fire.

I was there around 10:00 AM this morning and you can see that Shopping Center is not open for business. It may have suffered some damage.

This photo is at the corner of Calle Cuatro.

Moving to the right one store.

And the next store is adjacent to Shopping Center.

I then walked around the corner. Here are more photos.

You can see in this photo that smoke was still there and water was dripping from the fire department’s visit.

Another photo.

And the last photo of the damage.

Heading back to my car, Calle Cuatro was a parking lot. Traffic being diverted and moving very slow.

I had asked some of the inspectors about the origin of the fire and they would not comment. I suspect they are still investigating to make sure it it was an accident or foul play. Shopping Center was lucky it survived.

14 thoughts on “Huge Fire In David Yesterday

  1. Hi weyawry, THe end stor may have been a fabric store. I am not sure. I think the next stor to the corner was a furniture store. I am not aware of any deaths.

    Hi Wendy. Not any Pio Pio in that area that I know of. I guess I don’t even know about the Lisa Asian market.

  2. The fire had just started as I was getting ready to leave the Hotel Occidental on the park about 3 PM. By leaning over the balcony and looking up Calle 4ta you could see the huge smoke ball billowing. The 2nd fire truck I watched respond disappeared into the smoke ball as he arrived. You could still hear his siren, but his flashing lights disappeared.

    Over an hour later the smoke could still be seen billowing skyward from the Arrocha parking lot. And about 5-5:30 when I got back downtown, they still had Calle 4ta blocked at Cervantes Parque, directing the traffic down the street in front of the Romero Market.

    A friend who walked down there while the fire was going tells me they initially had water problems and the tanker truck from the airport helped when it arrived. He also noted that it was really a good thing there was practically no wind. Some of the windy days we have had in the past couple weeks could have created a really serious situation over a big portion of downtown in a hurry.

  3. For those concerned about Pio Pio and Casa Lisa they are on the other side of the street.

    The big concern in reading this, is that they could not get water. PVC pipes melt and burn in fires. I wonder if that is what they use in the urban areas as well as our rural aqueducts?

  4. what are the Panama Building codes, if any? most building codes would require cast iron pipes as supplies to buildings

  5. I think the store on the corner, after the furniture store was a shoe store. Glad Shopping Center was not burned down!


  6. I got rerouted around the centro yesterday afternoon around 5pm and passed 2 IDAAN tanker trucks filling with water (most likely for the fire). Didn’t the same thing happen with the Rodelag fire?

  7. Don Ray:
    Can you orient me about the location of the stores in relation to Parque Cervantes and Romero? I watched this on the news (TVN 2) on the net, but it was very short.

  8. Hi Jaime. If you were facing Parque Cervantes on Calle Cuarto you would walk to your right (in the direction of the bus station) about three blocks. The fire would be on your right side.

  9. Standing in front of the Occidental Hotel you face so that Romero will be behind you and Parque Cervamtes will be on your left. Walk straight. The stores will be on the same side of the street. You will come to the Shopping Center and then the three stores which burnt. First the shoe store, then a store selling food items and just about everything else and then the old Brasil’s which use to sell furniture and now converted to a clothes store. Brasil’s is on the corner. When you cross the street and there is Pinzon’s grocery store.

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