Feria Internacional De David 2011 (Been There – Done That)

Yesterday, Lilliam, Natalie and I did the David Fair. I was only planing a short stay, like an hour, but we arrived at 3:00 PM and returned home about 8:30 PM, after having a great time.

To be honest, I only went for one reason and that was to have an opportunity to visit with the people working the Cable Onda and Cable & wireless booths about the recent programming changes deleting ABC, CBS and NBC. I was able to accomplish that after entering the fair grounds.

Both Cable Onda and C&W were prepared and had the answers. The answer is that the new law that was passed, removing the channels, was done under pressure of the US due to the licensing arrangements by those networks. Those channels are not supposed to be “legally” received in any Latin American country. It should not be a surprise that there are rumors that these channels are being received in Honduras or Nicaragua, because I did say “legally”. I do not believe that any company operating legally in Panama can provide these channels anymore.

So, with that, if you want to point the blame at anyone for this change, you can point it back at the good old USA. Just like the mountains of paperwork you have to fill out to get a banking account, it is not Panama’s fault.

It might be a good reason to start writing your home state representative and telling him he is an idiot for preventing extra income to go to the US by licensing these channels outside the US boundaries. Should these network broadcasts not be a part of the “free trade” agreement that the US Congress can’t seem to get passed? Thank God the US can’t regulate the beautiful weather I have 365 days a year or the singing of the birds I hear every morning or the flowers I see all year long. I need to read more books anyway.

So much for that. I have got my answer and will take some time to analyze what I want to do about it. Out of my 100 or so channels, I am only watching about 5 and I am not sure that is worth the money I am spending with Cable Onda, but that is a post for another day.

Now for this year’s David International Fair.

When we left the pavilion from talking to Cable Onda and Cable &Wireless, we made a beeline to Diary Queen. In the past, I always got to the fair early and it was a good place to cool off and have a chili dog (one of those things I miss from the US). Yesterday it was too early to eat, but I did manage to suck down one of their Moolatas – YUM!

I made yesterday a two time DQ day because we stopped about 8:00PM and I did order my chili dog. The only thing that could have made it better was to have some chopped onions and cheese on the top. It was almost the perfect way to end a perfect day.

Another spot I always take in is the agriculture pavilion. I only took one photo and it was of this cornucopia displaying some of the items grown in Panama.

Behind the agriculture pavilion, was a building that said it was the house of the First Lady of Panama. It was promoting the education of the young. I took this photo of of a of a Panamanian woman with her hands open telling the children to come to her and she would enlighten them with wisdom.

They had a competition for kids to color pages and the winners would be given prizes the next day. Here you see some of the entries on the wall and contestants preparing their entries.

For more photos on this part of the fair, I suggest you visit past posts.

After we left the agriculture area, I took this photo of one of the vendors getting agua de pipa (coconut water) to sell.

Here is a close up. You can see the fellow had struck the coconut with his machete driving it half way into the coconut. He then turned the blade over to drain the coconut water into his straining bucket. I can assure you that the machete would work just as well if it struck a head. Ouch!

Here is a photo of a young girl getting a pony ride. You an almost hear her saying, “YeeHa!”.

Here is a photo of another little girl just getting ready for her ride. I think she is saying, “Did I make a mistake getting on this animal?”.

The fair is always filled with vendors selling furniture. These are from Nicaragua. I would like to have one of those rockers with the woven backs and seats.

I made it over to the arena where they were judging cattle. Here is one waiting for his turn in the ring.

Here is #27 in the ring and feeling a little frisky.

Here are a couple young ladies leading #46 to get his opportunity to shine.

Each year I see some new vehicle from China. This is my photo for this year.

I took this photo to let you see one of my favorite trees in Panama. We are a little late to see it in all its glory, because a while back it was solid orange. You also see this tree in bright yellow and purple.

Here is another view of the fair grounds.

I went through all of the pavilions that had leather goods and other exhibits. Being thirsty, I stopped by one station and bought a Borojo & Ginseng drink.

Shortly after I bought my drink, the booth got interviewed by one of the local TV stations. Both ingredients are touted as having properties desired buy some of the aging male population. Not only does it increase your sexual capability, but it improves your memory so that you can remember it the following day. One out of two isn’t bad.

While I was waiting for my refreshing Borojo and Ginseng drink to be made I was tapped on the shoulder. The fellow wanted to know what part of the US I was from. It turns out that he, like me, grew up in Oklahoma when he was a boy. I guess those of us from that part of the country just look like Okies. He had lived all over the world and was here for a short time from Sweden. Let me introduce you to Luis.

While all of this was going on, Lilliam was visiting with her good friend, Silvia from up around Dolega. I wrote about her and her studio HERE.

Here is an example of one artisan product you will always see in Panama made by the Kuna Indians. They are called Molas and you have to see them up close to appreciate the work that goes into them.

The Nacional Police of Panama had an exhibit. This is a photo of an officer in riot gear. Now you can’t tell it by this photo, but this fellow is about 7 feet tall.

I talked to the two officers in the following photo and asked if there really were Panamanian’s that could wear that gear and that were that tall. They assured me there are in Panama City. I am six foot tall, so you can see why I wondered. I tend to be taller than many Panamanians.

What is a fair without a clown. NO! That was not a clown it the center of the last photo.

As we were getting ready to leave, I took a photo of this band that was going strong.

Next to the band, some National Police were showing some kiddos one of the boats they use in patrolling the coast.

I am going to close this year’s fair photos by showing you some of the tasty dishes of Panama. In this photo you will see barbequed beef and chicken and rice and chicken and other good stuff.

How about these tasty dishes. They gave me several bottles of antacid. Wonder why they thought I needed that?

Or these who were handing out information on Finca Lerida in Boquete.

Marjorie on the right, Lizbeth in the center and Miguel on the left showed me all of the great things I could buy at IQP in David. I think Lilliam has a couple items on her list.

These two young ladies think I need a new set of tires. There are certainly a couple nice sets in the photo.

These two beauties were in the Cable & Wireless booth and were kind enough to explain the reason I should not blame Panama for my US network withdrawal. And I must say that finer representatives of C&W do not exist. I don’t remember why I didn’t take a photo of the two fellows I talked to in Cable Onda. Must have been a senior moment.

That concludes my 2011 David International Fair post. You still have time to see it. I personally enjoyed it more this year because I got some daytime time and some nighttime time. If you happen to go to the fair and meet anyone in the photos above, tell them you recognized them because of their photo in Chiriquí Chatter.

10 thoughts on “Feria Internacional De David 2011 (Been There – Done That)

  1. Hi Don: Great pictures!!! It would be nice if those channels were included in the free trade agreement (FTA) but as far as I can see Panama is not getting anything FREE in this agreement and the U.S. is getting all it wants. So, as Donald Trump put it, the U.S. got screwed out of the Canal and (my opinion) now I guess it’s payback time!!! Funny how B.O. couldn’t make a stop in Panama but finds time to visit El Salvadors leftest new president! Oh well, hope that we can get some American football in English.
    Thanks for a great article and great pictures.

  2. I see you have mastered the art of photography and adopted a discriminatory field of view for mouth watering goodies, Ho and the food looked good to

  3. Don Ray:
    Once again I thank you for taking me to the “Feria”. Very attractive displays… and the booths were nice too.

  4. I am totally disgusted with Cable Onda for their “services”. When I call with a problem, on the phone for l5 min on cell (Paying for) and listen to music or “a service representative will be with you shortly” over and over again. . Finally, when someone answers, explain your situation, then, put on hold and then disconnected. Start all over again and ……you know the answer. ?? I know they have problems with the good old US of A but, it would be great if they would take care of their paying customers here in Panama. As of other posts, I guess, would not be any better for a change to another provider ??

  5. Hi Charlotte. In my experience with the Internet, Cable Onda was mush better than C&W. Nothing is forever and whether they still are or not, I don’t know, but I will not be changing my Internet provider.

    Whether I change TV providers or not remains to be seen.

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