Dental & Esthetic 4th Anniversary Special

I received the following message from my personal dentist, Dra. Miriam, at Dental & Esthetic:

In celebration of Dental & Esthetic’s 4th anniversary, for the next 45 days (Ends May 1, 2011) Dra. Miriam is offering a free General dental exam with her High Tech Video Camera, usually she charges $5 for this consultation.

In addition to the freebie and as part of the anniversary special, she has lowered her price for a cleaning from $40 to $30, please mention that you saw it here on Chiriquí Chatter, to receive the free consultation and/or reduced price for cleaning. You may also visit Dental & Esthetic online @:

Dental Esthetic is located at Plaza Mallorca on the ‘Via Rapida’ in David, Panama, for more information call 730-2826

9 thoughts on “Dental & Esthetic 4th Anniversary Special

  1. You are correct, found the price list…and the costs/prices seem to be way under what “co pay” is here!

  2. Hi Don
    I have an appointment on Monday and for the life of me I cannot find the directions. I thought I had seen it here on your blog. Could you please help? Thanks again

  3. Her clinic is in Plaza Mallorca on Calle Rapida, the northbound one way street that ends at the InterAmerican Hwy by Cochez. Call me and I will try to give you directions from where ever you are. If you are in a Taxi, that direction should be enough.

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