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When I purchased my last camera, I disposed of my previous Olympus camera. Well, that may or may not have been a wise decision. The new camera, with carrying case is too much to be carrying around all the time. Because of that I think the blog has been seeing a few less photos than in the past. So I am now researching a new everyday camera.

It has been a while since I looked at point and shoot and their capabilities have really jincreased. My current choice is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ10 (or ZS7 as it’s known in North America). I have been so impressed with the features and build quality of my Panasonic GH1 that I am planning on staying with Panasonic.

This camera has a GPS and it might come in handy for taking photos in David and around Panama and the photo would than give the GPS coordinates in case others wanted to find that location. What can I say. I am a gadget freak, but it keeps me young.

Here is an interesting video of the camera.

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  1. I agree. When I went from SLR filmed camera to digital the number of fotos I took went up exponentially. When the camera started having monitor problems and thinking for sure that it had been recalled, I sent it back to the factory to find that the fee to fix it was the price for a new camera. I bought another Fuji but this one has a zoom lens and throw away batteries. The zoom lens eats up batteries so now I have to go the rechargeable battery route. The current camera is a little large and therefore, requires a belt bag which makes you a perfect match as a tourist. In the subway in Buenas Aires The pickpockets almost had it with two sides unzipped and that would have been all my fotos from 30 days there.

    Any way, the thing is that all of my pictures that actually make it to being printed are 4 x 6’s anyway so the added ability of fine fotos doesn’t really matter all that much. My next camera won’t have a zoom lens and will be smaller. I really like the GPS idea.

  2. Hi Ed. I had been looking at some Casio cameras because of the enormous battery time. However, when I read some of the write-ups, they had quality issues with the battery latch.

    I agree that zoom and GPS both reduce battery life. This camera is supposed to take about 260 photos on one charge. With my other camera, I carry a backup battery and since this is not 2AA I may have to do the same it I purchase one like this.

  3. Don, I bought the same camera in December. It is excellent. You can put the GPS in airplane mode if you want and it will not eat power. Photos excellent, zoom excellent, cost excellent.

  4. I like to snorkel and have been very happy w/ a point and shoot olympus tough waterproof camera. it fits easily in my pocket and seems to have good battery life.

  5. Don, I looked at Lumix cameras, they’re good products. I ended up buying a Canon G11 because it’s got pretty much all of the features the TZ10 has, but its aperture/luminosity is better, f2.8 for the G11, vs. 3.3 for the TZ10. I’ve always liked to do low light, non-flash shooting, so in my case, aperture counts. Could be in your case, not, but just to comment in passing. Btw, I just saw a G12 here for sale in Quito (roughly double the price you can get it for on Amazon or B&J), but cameras keep evolving all the time…

  6. My first olympus waterproof camera ( which was stolen)had an xD chip but my new one has an sD chip, is rated deeper and is unfortunately larger. They now have several models.

  7. Hello guys,
    This is my favourite camera, I lost it last week (or it got stolen) … well it will make someone happy…
    I would like to buy a new one do you know how much it costs in Panama and where to buy it in David??
    All the best

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