LibreOffice vs. OpenOffice

When Oracle bought Sun then the open source community wondered what would happen to Open Office, since it had been created by Sun. I see that with the new distribution of openSUSE 11.4 Linux that is coming out today that a new system is replacing Open Office. It is LibreOffice. I downloaded it and am now using it instead of Open Office.

Feature wise, I really can’t tell any difference so far. However, I believe I like the way it displays on my screen better than Open Office. If you are in need of a office system and don’t want to fork over a bundle to Microsoft, just download LibreOffice. It is free and you can’t get a better price than that.


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  1. I’m looking for a new word processor. Open Office is too Microsoft Office-like for my tastes. For example, the standard Linux cut and paste function (highlight to copy/middle button to paste doesn’t work. I have to use c/ v. What’s up with that?

  2. By far the best word processor I have ever found is Jarte (pronounced (jar-tay).

    It is very intuitive and has menus that open when you place your cursor on them withoug even clicking. It has a lot of features and is very easy to learn.

    Read about it and download it at

  3. Hi Henry. Hmmm. I highlight area, right click and cut, position the cursor, right click and past. I can’t remember ever having a problem.

    Hi Bob. I will give it a look, but it will have to be better than what is in LibreOffice. Thanks for the info. **** I took a look and prefer the advantages of using the suite from LibreOffice. I also use spreadsheets and it makes sense to use the same suite. With the LibreOffice I can use Spanish and have a dictionary and thesaurus as well. I think it is more functions and same price.

  4. Sure, Don Ray, just like Microsoft Office. In other Linux apps, I can highlight to copy and middle click to paste. I’m irritated at the extra steps which have been introduced to OpenOffice. I don’t mind adding MS-like editing, but why eliminate Linux-style editing?

  5. Does OpenOffice/LibreOffice have a robust and integrated thesaurus, dictionary and other language features (underlining misspelled words, suggesting alternatives, etc)? Are these features included in Spanish (and Portuguese) and is there a translation feature? I frequently type in Spanish and occasionally in Portuguese and these are my “most used” features on any word processor. Just wondering for future PC/laptop purchases.

  6. OpenOffice did and I expect that Libre/Office does too. I know it has Spanish and am not sure about Portuguese. It should have information at their website. I have used the Spanish spell checker , but not the thesaurus.

  7. Yes, there are Portuguese dictionaries for OpenOffice (and LibreOffice) for both, Portugal and Brazilian Portuguese. Unfortunately installing those dictionaries on LibreOffice is not as staightforward as it used to be in OpenOffice (or BROffice, the Brazilian flavour of OpenOffice).

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