Books Vs. E-Books

I received an interesting email this morning showing the work of an artist named Brian Dettmer. How this artist ever decided that cutting up books could be an art form is hard to imagine. I looked at the work in the email I received and then did a little more Googleing on Brian Dettmer.

Here is Brian’s web page. Go down to the images and have a look at each year’s work. You won’t believe your eyes at what he created by carving books.

His page also has some videos. Here is one that may spark your interest into watching the others. This video came from


E-books will never be able to be turned into this type of art, but the e-readers will allow you to see the videos of books being transformed into art.

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  1. Interesting. I made a table base for the new glass top when we updated the dining room but it was too simple. Now I am inspired to make another one.

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