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Organic farmer Wanted for immediate hire:

Below is a requested post:

Organic farmer Wanted for immediate hire:

As the demand for our organic produce continues to increase we are seeking the
right individual to join our team as Production Manager and Team Leader. This
is a “hands on” outside position with some office work. This person should be
highly self motivated and have a background in organic gardening/farming. Must
be bilingual, computer literate, have a driver’s license, and live within 30
minutes of our 42 acre finca in Bijagual/Santa Marta. We are located 30 minutes
west of David. On site housing will be available in the future. This is a full
time position with an excellent salary and benefits for the right person. For
more information, email Ron Miller at or phone 6459-5218.

So You Own An iPad

Did you know that it is one of the most dangerous PC type devices ever invented? No it doesn’t emit radiation, but it is very capable of creating a lot of problems for you, if you haven’t taken the time to secure it.

One of the reasons this is so important is that it is a single user device. Everything you have stored on the device is available to the first person that borrows it or steals it.

The first advice all security articles will tell you is to arm your iPad with a passcode. The second is to activate auto lock. With those two items taken care of, you can now consider erasing all memory if the passcode is entered 10 times in error. This shouldn’t worry you, if you are diligent on taking backups.

In preparation for my planned trip, I have done all of the above. If my iPad gets stolen on my trip, all of the private information on it will be erased before anyone can see it.

Many articles I have read, advise you to install a VPN to secure your wireless connections. I have also done this. I have seen a lot of iPad users in Panama and have seen that many are in Boquete. If you are one of the lucky owners of an iPad, I suggest you secure it before you find yourself being an unlucky ex-owner. Here is one of the many articles on securing your iPad.

Remember. the data and identity you save may be your own.

Intercambio – language exchange

I received the following to post:

Intercambio – language exchange at 6.30pm, Thursday 24-02-2011 in Cafe Da-Li.

The concept is that foreigners and Panamanians alike show up to meet and chat in English and Spanish.

The event is mutually beneficial for both ex-pats and locals, as it is an opportunity to practice English-Spanish in an informal and relaxed setting.

There is no cost attached. You simply need to show up with some enthusiasm to improve your respective language skills.

More info: call 65508640 mail

What Have I done On My Summer Vacation

Actually, it would be more accurate to ask what Lilliam’s grand-kids did on their summer vacation. From the first of the year until Sunday, Isabella and Lucca have been visiting Lilliam and I in David. It has been an experience for both age groups.

It has not been all fun and games, but there was a fair amount of that as well. Both Lucca and Isabella attended a summer session at USMA. Monday through Friday, they were delivered to USMA at 9:00 in the morning and picked up at noon. They learned a lot making crafts and they got to meet a lot of their peers that live in Chiriquí. I think they both enjoyed the session.

Isabella also had violin lessons every week. Her music instructor from Panama City also teaches in David. Last Wednesday, she was part of a music recital at UNACHI and Lilliam and I attended and I captured the concert on video.

I am going to post the videos below. I put up three videos. I should mention that this program was put together in about a months time, so I think that they deserve a lot of credit for the making this concert happen in such a short time.

The first video is a is a group of singers. I thought they were very good. It is about 9 minutes in length and depending on the speed of your connection it may take a while to download.

The second video is the youngest participants in the concert and this is the one that Isabella was in. She is the violinist in the front center in the blue dress. Here is a photo of Isabella. Continue reading What Have I done On My Summer Vacation

Act 2 – Scene 1

The BOOKMARK’s three act play is still in progress. Has anyone had current experience receiving books from outside Panama and if so did you have to pay duty and ITBM?

UPDATE:I contacted the Corredora de Aduanas that I use and got the following response.

buenos mr. Williams

los libros no pagan tax o itbm.

Corredora de Aduanas

Restaurante Cuatro Executive Lunch Menu for This Week

Hmmm. The enchiladas, at Restaurante Cuatro, have me curious. I may have to try them this week.

Menú de Almuerzo ejecutivo / Executive lunch menu

Ensalada de lechuga Boston en aderezo de ajo asado

Boston lettuce salad with roasted garlic dressing

Crema de cebollas caramelizadas a la nuez moscada

Cream of caramelized onion soup with nutmeg

Tarta de tocino ahumado

Smoked bacon tart

· · · ·

Pollo guisado en leche de coco al jengibre y cebollina con arroz blanco

Braised chicken in coconut milk, ginger and scallions with rice

Filete de pescado apanado con papas salteadas y nuestra salsa tártara

Fish fillet with sautéed potatoes and our homemade tartar sauce

Enchilada de carne y frijoles con crema de pimentones verdes asados

Beef and bean enchilada with roasted green bell pepper cream sauce

· · · ·

Soda, jugo natural o té frío
Soda, fresh juice or iced tea

B/. 9.50