ATIVA Paper Shredders

Ativa brand shredders are sold in Panama by Office Depot. I strongly advise you not buy one of them. I purchased one several months back and had my friend Omar send it to me. He purchased it in Panama City at the Office Depot store.

It says it is made in China and imported by ACCO Mexicana. S.A. It decided to stop working last week. I took it into Electronica Nacional to get it diagnosed and the problem is the main logic card in the unit. I called the Ativa service in Florida and was told that there are no parts for these shredders. Of course the Florida help number connected me with a help desk in South Africa according to the lady I spoke with.

While I think that the company of Ativa and its service capability is the poorest I have ever seen, I would like to compliment the service I received from Electronica Nacional in assisting me diagnose the problem with the shredder.

The last time I needed help from Electronica Nacional was in 2008, when my LG monitor/TV had died. They were most helpful then in getting LG to provide a replacement monitor.

This morning, as I was carrying the shredder into the shop, they called me by name. Now I have a hard time remembering a person’s name 15 minutes after I hear it, but they remembered me after 3 years. I was impressed.

Now here is what you should walk away with from this post.

First – avoid Office Depot’s Ativa line. The manufacturer carries no replacement parts and you wind up with another Chinese paper weight when it decides to break. I suspect that it is poorly manufactured as well and not equipped to handle the fluctuation of voltages in Panama.

Second – Many electronic products you find in Panama are old and outdated products when you buy them in Panama. When they can no longer be sold in the US, they may find their way to Panama to be sold. If at all possible, buy a product with a name that typically has a reputation for service. Even with that, it is hard to get parts in Panama. I have an Amana double door refrigerator (bought in David) that has a bad ice-maker and it can only be found in the US. It is on my list of things I need to do. I will have to get the part myself, because there is no Amana service in David anymore.

Three – Remember Electronica Nacional when you have an electronic product to be repaired. They do the majority of all flat-screen TV repairs in Chiriquí. However, if it requires a part that cannot be ordered, don’t expect them to work miracles. I do believe they will give you an honest evaluation of what the problem is and I trust their work. They work on all sorts of products from washers, to Sony PS3s. For any electronics other computers, that is where I go.

If you drop into Electronica Nacional, tell then you heard about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

5 thoughts on “ATIVA Paper Shredders

  1. Gee, Don Ray, it is good to see how many of your loyal readers are commiserating with you.

    Are you going to use your computer on the boat, er, ship?

  2. Hi Tom. I will take my iPad with me and will use it when I can. It is really not suitable for my normal posts that contain photos, but I will try to make a few trip updates and will try to answer all emails.

  3. Had my Ativa a few weeks now. Don’t know if I got taken or not. Got it at Office Depot. Shreding some old files and the thing stopped on me. Can’t get the reverse to work. Tho’t I’d overheated the thing by too much use. The thing will not go fwd or rev. Any ideas?

  4. Thought about that. not sure the little woman would sit still for tossing it out. Got it to make noise, but the feeder doesn’t take the paper. Guess I’ll unscrew the thing and look inside. Who knows, I may find a gremlin hiding in there.

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