What A Great Week and What A Wonderful Life To Be Living

I really had a great week, this week, and it reminded me that I often forget to give credit to those that bring so much enjoyment into my life. Sometimes music helps me to relax and sets my mind in the proper state to say the things that should be said and ofttimes are left unsaid.

Below is one of my favorite pieces. Maybe if you play it, while you read the rest of this piece, your time will be better spent. If my words lack meaning for you then just close your eyes and enjoy the music.

It is so easy to get wrapped in thinking only about ourselves and our needs, to the point that we completely forget about others and their needs. I know I am often guilty of that and it is good when some unplanned event brings me back to realizing how lucky I am.

Here I am living a life that many can’t even dream of or imagine. I have the best companion that any man could ever hope for. One that provides me with love, conversation, understanding and a smile that raises my spirits on the saddest of days. Thank you Lilliam.

I have a blog that has provided me with friends that have taken the time to write me from all over the world. It has provided me with entertainment and in some small way, I believe has provided some insight in what time in Chiriquí might be like for others. Thank you readers.

I have had the opportunity to raise awareness of others in need in Chiriquí and have sometimes assisted in seeing that those needs are being filled. I have been able to meet people like Tom McCormack who is truly a person that gives to others without expecting anything other than a smile in return. Thank you Tom.

I have been able to meet people studying English in several classes around David. Being able to assist them in conversational practice and seeing the gratitude they express for this simple giving of time is so fulfilling. Thank you students.

I have a great family back in the US that keeps me apprised of what is happening in their life and they take the time to share it with me. Thank you family.

I have been provided with good health and the opportunity to smell the roses. Thank you God.

There was a post I did a long time ago called Life Compared To A Thousand Marbles.  It was very instrumental in helping me to realize that all the money in the world can’t bring you happiness and that you need to take a little time every now and then to pay attention to the important things in life. You might enjoy reading it.Thank you to the person that sent that email to me.

Now go out and have a wonderful day, but not before you tell someone you love that you love them.

6 thoughts on “What A Great Week and What A Wonderful Life To Be Living

  1. Mr. Ray,

    Thanks to you, as well … a little perspective about life’s real treasures and true priorities is always refreshing …..


  2. Dear Don,
    What an excellent way to start the day, sure glad you were able to help Hal and Emilcar out at the Aduana’s office, yesterday. Hal’s play of the whole ordeal with the books was a joy to read.

    Have a great day!,
    Clyde and Linda

  3. Wonderful post today. In this post you have met your desire for one meaningful post per week for the next six months!! Not being as technically savvy as you, I am still trying to load things onto my IPod, (and by the time I get everything loaded I will need one with larger megabites, gigabites or whatever bites they use) but in the meantime I do have CDs — a great one “Stress Busters” which includes Pachebel’s Canon and also Bach’s Air on a G String, Bach’s Jesu Joy of Man’s Desiring, Handel’s Messiah Pastoral Symphony etc. Amazingly I also have a CD for cleaning (especially windows) which is called Heavy Classix — you can’t help but do a good job when listening to Wagner’s Ride of the Valkyrie or Tchaikovsky’s 1812 overture (cannons help exceedingly with those particularly nasty areas). Great that you were able to help Hal “overcome bureaucracy”. You are definitely an asset to the community for all you do.
    With Respect,

  4. Dear Don,

    What a wonderful person you are! How generous of you to share the thoughts you posted today so we all can gain from it. Thank you so much – I have really taken these thoughts to heart. I also read the article on the marbles and it did bring tears to my eyes. Don’t know whether you remember me, but I posted a question about moving to Panama from South Africa. You were so quick to respond and so kindly gave me the name of a single woman to correspond with. I thank you again. We are now corresponding.
    By your site you are giving so much to your brothers and sisters who read it – I hope you realize how important your work is. You are truly a blessing from God. You are added to my daily prayer list and when and if I move to Panama, I would consider it an honor to meet you and thank you in person.
    Many blessings to you and your family,
    Emilie Davenport

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