Cable Onda Announces Changes to Channel Line up February 28, 2011

If you are a CBS or ABC programing fan, prepare to no longer be current with your programs. It may be time to buy a Kindle or other E-reader and cut off your cable or satellite subscriptions.

The following was posted on one of the Panama Yahoo groups.

Cable Onda Announces Changes to Channel Line up February 28, 2011
Why: ABC, ABC HD, NBC, CBS and / or CBS HD?

Major suppliers of cable TV programming have invested to accquire exclusive rights to broadcast in Latin America some content that ABC, CBS and NBC broadcast within the United States. Therefore, no ABC, CBS and NBC affiliate can transmit these series or special content outside the U.S, including Panamá.

Will the actual rate vary?

The rate remains the same, as stipulated in clause 6.2 of the service subscription contract. Cable Onda has added 4 new channels entering the line up on February 28 (Sony HD, A & E HD, Tru TV, and American Network). Nick Jr. entered the line up in January, Cubavisión and Multipremiere wich entered the line up in November 2010. In addition, Cable Onda added 20 new channels in July 2010 with no increase in rates. Unfortunately, the removal of these channels is beyon the control of Cable Onda. The change in line up has been duly notified to ASEP and ACODECO as is in compliance with all legal provision.

¿Will other companies have these channels available?

All pay TV companies in Panama and elsewhere, have to comply with this situation. Cable Onda offers several advantages over other competitors, including VoD service, the exclusive Cable Onda Sports channel and more HD content than others.

Where can the TV series be seen?

Most of the TV series can be seen through authorized channels for Latin America such as: Warner, Sony, Fox, AXN, and American Networks among others. Check the guide on your digital Cable box or the reference table above.

Which seasons will be transmitted?

The most popular TV series are transmitted in Latin America on average of 3 weeks after its release in USA and approximately 3 seasons before they broadcast on local TV.

¿Will these series be transmitted thru HD channels?

We have included 2 new HD channels that will replace CBS HD and ABC HD, channel A&E HD (322) and SONY HD (321) where you can see many of these series in high definition.

What type of programming does the American Network have?

The new American network channel also airs in English and it includes regular programming of ABC, CBS and NBC, such as: Wheel of Furtune, Jeopardy, Judge Judy, Iron Chef, Rachael Ray´s, The late show of David Letterman, The Young and the Restless, The Talk, Dr. Phil, and others.

22 thoughts on “Cable Onda Announces Changes to Channel Line up February 28, 2011

  1. Cable Onda sucks, always has, probably always will. Its only saving grace is that its competition sucks even worse. If I could get Netfilx, I’d get off cable altogether.

  2. We have a saying here that goes “En país de ciegos el tuerto es rey” that loosely translates to “In a country of blind, the one-eyed is king” … Sadly it applies to most companies and public offices.

    Service sucks here and there is the general perception among these companies that hey actually doing all of us a favor. Guess what? We the consumers are the ones doing them the favor and privilege of our business!

    The other day I was talking to my wife -a very intellectual and progressive Venezuelan- about these things… and we came out with something that I have found holds the key to most of these situations: We lack respect for the human being next to us.

    No parks or recreational areas? No respect for our families
    No decent sidewaks? No respect for pedestrians
    Poor service from companies? No respect for customers
    Potentially lethal mining projects not being discussed? No respect for our intelligente

    I can go on, but you get the idea.

    Note: I am a Panamanian, love my country, proud and stubborn as most Chiricanos, but also realistic!

  3. Hi Ricardo. Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment. If it gets so that I loose too much, I will just go to the minimum cable configuration.

  4. Obviously the big problem is not the lack of things to watch on TV. It is the fact that there will not be the availability of seeing things as they happen, such as the Oscars, Music awards, Sporting events in English, etc.

    It would not be quite as bad if the Latin American stations made better use of SAP to provide the English sub-channel that is available.

    I would like to know if this is a situation where the channels are just not available like is the case with many Internet sites that are not allowed to be received outside the US, such as HULU and Pandora, or if it is an economic decision by the Latin American providers that there is not enough market to justify their making these channels available.

    I will miss my nightly dose of Jeopardy, and several of the other evening shows such as CSI, The Good Wife, etc. But more than that I will miss seeing the next Survivor! This is indeed a big bummer.

  5. Good luck if you want to get out of Cable Onda. Have read so much that they just won’t realease you and will bill you on and on.

  6. Hi Don: I don’t know if this ties in with the telephone call I got from Cable Onda a few weeks ago. The Cable Onda person on the phone advised me that if I wanted to keep the free Cable Onda Basic programming on the two extra TV’s that I have, (I subscribe to their Premium option on my main TV), then I would have to pay extra as these TV’s would need a cable box, which they currently don’t need. I just told him that No, I was not going to pay extra. Part of the deal when I originally signed up with Cable Onda was the free basic programming on two TV sets. If they do as they say then I will downgrade my subscription to Basic, or switch back to SKY, or investigate Internet TV and connect my TV’s to Internet TV programming.
    This looks like a power grab for more money!!!

  7. Suscribe to Astrovision, they have great price and you don´t have to pay for additional tv´s, also have the ABC,CBS, actually they´re offering installation + 3 months for free!

  8. Have had astrovision and can’t imagine returning. Until I learn more, there is a possibility that all providers will lost their US networks.

  9. Hi everyone, my name is DJ Gunning, I just moved to Boquete and there is a solution outside of CableOnda or C&W or anything else, all it requires is a fairly high speed internet connection in your home down here (at least 1mB/sec, preferably 2mB/sec or higher).

    The easy route such as Hulu, netflix etc… just don’t work down here (copyright legal) and the other ones such as ninja spy and Justin TV are either full of spamware and spyware, or just downright inconsistent.

    The best part to the solution I can help with is that there is no monthly fee, all it takes is an initial set up cost. Thats it. You’re done. You will have full access to every channel available in the US or Canada (depending on where you are from). And its all completely legal, safe and secure.

    If you want to know more, or have have any comments, you can email me at

    I can help answer any tech questions and come up with simple easy tech solutions for your home or business.

    DJ Gunning

  10. OK, lets hear your solution. I am all ears. I get HULU now if I wanted to see it, but that is not live broadcasts and can be seen via a good VPN.

    I would prefer that the information be published here as opposed to requesting it by email.

  11. I use a SlingBox here in Panama. I receive US channels on my laptop and then if I need a bigger picture, I hook my laptop up to a 23″ monitor. Of course I also have a Direct TV account in Virginia that I can tap into. If you can get a family member to let you install the SlingBox on their cable or satellite TV box you are in business. Requires high speed internet on both ends plus the feed in the US. Google it. SlingBox.

  12. Well my wife and I just got off the phone with Cableonda. We had trusted what they had told us about our favorite shows being available on channel 80 and/or 321. The cable guide actually showed NCIS but Dr Phil showed up! Tonight Survivor is shown but I am quite confident it will not be on.
    I understand the three major networks are no longer allowed to be rebroadcast by order of a judge in Miami, Florida yesterday.
    I intend to at least downgrade my service to basic with Cableonda and hopefully can find a reasonable replacement.
    I told the “customer service rep” that I was not satisfied or happy and that I was sure many ex-pats living here are just as unhappy and their business would suffer.
    I was very suspicious of their business honesty after trying to watch the Indy 500 last year and it was blacked out. I was able to watch it but only in Spanish. Same thing when I tried to watch World Cup from South Africa.
    Enough ranting and raving for today!

  13. Well, They have now taken American Network from us as well and replaced it with TIIN or something like that. I want my Direct-TV back. LOL

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