Second Domino’s Pizza In David is Open

Last week we stopped into the new Dominoes Pizza on the InterAmerican Highway. It is just past the KFC on the InterAmerican Highway.

It is a typical Domino’s. It has been a while since I ordered a Domino’s, but with Isabella and Lucca here, it was a good outing.

Here is the front of the restaurant. You can see that they have a lot of delivery motorbikes, so they are planning a lot of deliveries. The numbers to order are 775-9466 for the original on Calle Fsur and 744-4444 for the new store on the InterAmerican Highway.

Here is the inside of the restaurant. The door on the left enters a play area for the kids, that currently isn’t finished, but will be soon.

Here is the order area.

And here is our pizza. I got a combination with ¼, only pepperoni, for Lucca. Isabella ate an order of cheese bread.

Another satisfying outing with Lucca and Isabella. If you drop into the new Domino’s, tell them you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

3 thoughts on “Second Domino’s Pizza In David is Open

  1. I stopped off there last Friday, the staff are excellent, very friendly and helpful. In fact I was asked if I was a jubilado so I could get the discount — I never remember to ask most of the time in a regular restaurant let alone in a fast food place and this is the first time the discount has been volunteered when purchasing fast food. Nice people.

  2. A few weeks ago I called up Domino’s to have some pizza’s delivered. However they told me they were to busy to take any more orders. So next I called up Pizza Hut in town and asked for a delivery. They informed me that they do not deliver pizza’s.

    Domino’s is so busy they can’t possibly get more pizza’s out and are turning business away, and had to build a second location to deal with demand. Pizza Hut, “No we don’t do that.”

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