Importing Birds To Panama

In the past I have received emails asking how to import birds to Panama and since I only had experience with bringing dogs I wasn’t able to respond to the emails.

Today I saw a good writeup of an experience of an individual bringing birds into Panama and asked permission of the author to post it. The permission was granted and here was his post.

Importing birds

A couple of years ago, I imported 4 cockatoos, 1 Umbrella and 3 goffins, they are healthy and living the good life.

The process is a bit complicated but certainly doable.

If your birds are on the Cites (Convention on international trade of endangered species, you need both an export permit from the origin country and an import permit from Cites in Panama, I found out that there is a bit of a catch-22, Panama would not issue and import permit without first seeing the export permit (from Canada), Canada would not issue an export permit without seeing the import permit, we got around this by asking Canada to issue a conditional export permit, on the condition that Panama issue an import permit, that worked…

Your bird(s) need to have a closed band or be chipped for identification, even though I don’t think there is a chip reader in Panama ;-0.

Next a health certificate, notarized and authenticated (apostilled if you are in the USA), then authenticated by a Panamanian embassy, the issue you will have is that the health certificate is only valid for 10 days, the animals must arrive in Panama before 10 days from the date of the health certificate issuance.

We used Continental to transport the birds, you have to have an approved shipping cage, labeled ‘Live Birds’

Upon arrival in Panama, we used Jose Saenz to get them through customs, Jose did a great job but there are others.

Then the birds need to be guaranteed for a month, you can do it at home, I believe you just have to fill out an ANAM form at entry telling where the birds will be guaranteed.

That was about it, a long trip with the animals for me, but well worth the effort as far as I was concerned.

Good luck


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  1. My nuclear family consists of two broke down horses and a darned good dog. I’m ready to expat in Panama. The only problem is that I made a commitment to the dog 10 years ago that I wouldn’ t ever abondon him for my own happiness. And, while under anesthesia from various surgeries he YOWLS constantly, so tranquing him brings its own set of problems. I can’t find a non stop flight from Salt Lake City to Panama, and I sure as hell don’t want him left on the tarmac someplace. He’s the worlds mellowest 90# Lab mix.So can I get a seat with him in the cargo hold or dress him up to look like Brad Pitt and buy him a seat next to me in coach if I decide to move year round to Panama?

    Very Seriously

  2. justBob
    Maybe there’s a city that you could fly to and then travel the next segment by ship.
    Maybe Miami.

  3. If one needs exotic birds to keep as pets, you just ask a campesino to find a few for you. They’ll shimmy up a tree and grab you a parrot or what have you, for a very good price. So, there is no need to bring birds all the way from wherever you are all the way to Panama.

    Also, to the aspiring expat above with the howling dog, try rum instead of tranquilizers, works wonders on gringo expats too! LOL!

  4. Boy, you guys are making it so difficult for me to stay in Idaho for the winter before I come down to explore Chirique this May. Almost every site I visit has something I really enjoy doing. How much better to do it at 75* than 10*. And now “the best coffee you’ve ever tasted?” Wow. I blend and grind my own beans at night and plug my self customized brewer into the timer. I go to bed thinking “in only 6-7 hours I can get up and have what my friends call “a wedge of coffee”. Can’t wait. Thanks for the sensory input.

  5. Don:
    Yeah, am from the high quiet secluded mountains of Idaho. While definately going for the warmth have also compiled a small list of cultural deal breakers, especially the latin love of all things loud.

  6. Ear plugs? I’m looking for seclusion, near a beach with acreage for my tortises and 15 yr old cockatoo. Any place, islands its in Panama still or am I dreaming? Ear plugs??

  7. Dave said:
    We used Continental to transport the birds, you have to have an approved shipping cage, labeled ‘Live Birds’.

    How did Dave move the birds? by cargo? on cabin?

    did they arrive ok in Panama?

  8. About transporting pets — FYI pet lovers – never ever ever give your pet tranquilizers while in transit. Any veterinarian or website on this subject will admonish the same. When it wears off, your pet will be even more anxious, disoriented, and also adversely affects their heart rate. You can read all about transporting pets at this very exhaustive site written by an ex-military who has international experience. – also contains sections on recommended (and not–KLM & Lufthansa are two of the best with TRAINED pet handlers and pet hotels at major hubs) airlines, third party agent scams (who make false promises and demand outrageous costs; they are not necessarily trained nor care about your pet’s fate), labels to print, airline-approved crates, etc. Regards, J.

  9. I have moved to Panama and love it. Now I want to bring my 3 cockatoos. I have obtained my CITES export permit from US. Where in Panama do I obtain the import permit? I have not been able to find an on-line application or instructions. Any help appreciated!

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