Beginning Spanish Classes are coming to David!

I received the following request for posting:

From……: Linda



Hi Don- Stephen, manager of Cafe Da-Li, and I have teamed up to offer the following to anyone interested. We appreciate your help spreading the word by posting this notice for us. Muchas gracias!!! Linda

Beginning Spanish Classes are coming to David!! Now is the time to learn some useful Spanish to experience more of life in your adopted country. If you’ve never had classes, or had a few, or had a lot and need a refresher, this is the class is for you.

We will meet twice a week at Café Da-Li in David starting on Tuesday, February 22. Sign up now, as space is limited. Bring a friend or your S.O. and enjoy learning in a relaxed atmosphere among friends.

Please contact me off board for all the details. Please note this is separate and distinct from the Conversation Group already in progress at Café Da-Li.

¡Vamos a hablar en español! Hasta luego, Linda at

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