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Up And About

Would you believe that it took from January 1 until about two days ago for me to start feeling better. The grip that I came down with in Decameron lasted over 3 weeks. I sure hope it is over. Trips to the hospital, tons of medicine and local remedies, coughing, and feeling down right miserable filled most of the three weeks.

Now I am back to being busy. Yesterday I prepared two netbooks with a current version of UBUNTU Linux for netbooks. I am about ready to get my main system dual booting with Linux again and am only waiting on OpenSuse 11.4 to be released. I always need a technical challenge to keep the old brain cells active.

I still have a fair amount of planning left to do for the trip, but now it is mostly putting together a daily schedule of how I can see the most of Rome and surrounding area and Madrid and surrounding area in the time I have available to me. I have to tell you that I am excited about this trip and feel that it may be the nicest one I have ever taken. Of course having a fantastic traveling companion doesn’t hurt either. Continue reading Up And About

*The Chiriqui Players* will be performing “*The Long Weekend*”

I received a request to post the following:

Great Theatre Entertainment
*The Chiriqui Players* will be performing “*The Long Weekend*” by Norm
Foster on
*February 10, 11, 12, 17, 18, 19 at 8 pm.  And on
Sundays, February 13 and 20 at 2 pm.*
Tickets for the event cost $15/pp. however, we are *offering groups of 10 or
more, a special rate of $10/pp.*
We are offering two (2) matinees particularly for groups to be able to come
and enjoy this fabulous play on Sundays.  If you arrange a bus of more than
10 people to come on any of the above dates, please contact Heather Macaulay
at to advise how many people will be coming and
on what date.  She will save the tickets for each group.
*All ticket holders will be greeted with a glass of champagne, or a
non-alcoholic beverage with a chance to win great raffle prizes.*

Looking For Barb in Boquete

The following was posted on and I was requested to post is as well.

>>> To:
>>> Subject: [Noticias] Looking for Barb in Boquete
>>> Hi,
>>> I have a friend in Boquete, her name is Barb (
>>> )…..we play euchre together at SilverCreek Hardwood. Since the 11th of
>>> December I haven’t seen her online and she does not reply to her email. I know
>>> this is a long shot, as although we have been playing for 4 years I don’t know
>>> her surname, I was wondering if there was a site that I might post to see if
>>> anyone knows what has happened to her. She was in her 70s and had 2 geese as
>>> pets. I dont know how big the community is, but have you any news of anyone
>>> that remotely sounds like her I would be grateful if you could update me…… I
>>> hate to think of her ill and alone.
>>> Please email me at
>>> Thanks
>>> celine

I Sometimes Forget Things I have Learned

Today I was looking at some of my bookmarks and found WolframAlpha.

I had played with it before and it is really an amazing knowledge engine. It looks like a search engine except that it responds with information about whatever you enter.

For instance if you put in the word Panama, you will get the following result.

Since the April cruise goes from Barbados to Palma de Mallorca, Spain I get this result.

I am also interested in Madrid and Rome and got this result.

Continuing, I am interested in the temperature in Madrid and Rome in May.

That should get you started. I added the WolframAlpha toolbar to my browser so I won’t forget it again.

Special Wine Tasting Night At Cuatro Restaurant in David

I received the following that may be of interest to you from the Cuatro Restaurant.

Good evening,

I’m hosting a wine tasting dinner on Wednesday February 2nd, at 7:00pm along with Varela Hnos. It will feature Italian wines and a menu designed specially for this event. There will be five courses served, each one with a pairing wine.

We will have Italian sommelier Giovanni Cardullo with us that evening to guide our diners through the wine tasting and pairing with the food

I’m sending you the menu with the pairing wines. The cost is $30.00 per person. If any of your readers or yourself are interested on making a reservation you can call the restaurant at 730-5638 or e-mail us.

Thanks a lot, best regards!

Luis Mendizabal

The menu follows:

Menú de Degustación y Cata de Vinos Italianos
Italian wine pairing tasting menu

Ceviche de corvina con maracuyá, aceite de culantro y soya
Corvina ceviche with passion fruit, culantro oil and soy
Planeta La Segreta Bianco, Sicilia

· · · ·

Trucha de Boquete con blinis de maíz y beurre blanc de limón criollo
Boquete trout with corn blinis and lime beurre blanc
Batasiolo Gavi di Gavi, Piemonte

· · · ·

Roulade de pollo orgánico y prosciutto al ajillo con arroz cremoso al cilantro
Organic chicken and prosciutto roulade with garlic sauce and creamy cilantro rice
Batasiolo Dolcetto D’Alba, Piemonte

· · · ·

Costillas de cerdo con glaceado de miel de caña y puré de otoe
Sugar cane syrup glazed pork baby back ribs with taro root puree
Batasiolo Sovrana Barbera D’Alba, Piemonte

· · · ·

Crème brûlée de chocolate y caramelo
Chocolate and caramel crème brûlée
Batasiolo Moscato D’Asti, Piemonte

B/. 30.00 por persona / per person

Gluten Free Products.

I received the following email related to gluten free products in Super 99. I will add that Organic Life also has gluten free products.

From……: Tammy

As a mom to a two year old celiac child I was please to discover that super 99 is currently stocking many gf food items. They are located in the health food section. Currently they are the only chain food store in david with a gf selection This might be of interest to your readers