Kids At 68

Since New Years, Lilliam and I have been the proud caretakers of her two grandchildren, Lucca and Isabella from Panama City. This has been a good experience on both sides. Not necessarily the best experience on both sides all the time, but I think it is good for the different generations to spend some time getting to know each other.

Obviously for several of those weeks I was under the weather and Lilliam was the only caretaker. Lucca was wondering if I would ever get well and would give him instruction on the PlayStation 3. However, he is now an expert and fires it up everyday.

Lucca is 5 and Isabella is 10 and has a birthday coming up in March. They are both good kids and definitely have individual personalities. Sometimes they are perfect angels and sometimes they are little devils, but this is all part of growing up.

They have both been going to a summer school program and getting to know other kids their age from Chiriquí. A really good experience for them. Isabella has also been going to her violin lessons as the professor that she has in Panama City also teaches in David. Here is a post from last year when Isabella was her and at one of her lessons.

Yesterday we went to the Chiriquí Mall and saw Gulliver’s Travels. The three PM show didn’t get started until 3:30 PM. Typical example of living in Panama, or in this case Chiriquí. I would think that Panama City would start their movies as the schedule stated.

Being a movie directed at children, it was in Spanish without subtitles. Good practice for me and my Spanish. I understood some and some I didn’t. However, being a children’s movie it was pretty easy to understand the story.

Today we will have our Sunday lunch at McDonald’s. That is one disappointment I have about the two young ones. They are terrible eaters. I guess no one has ever taken the time to teach them how good it is to eat the things that are good for them. Isabella is better than Lucca, but that doesn’t take much.

When you ask Lucca what he wants the list is extremely short. The answer will be bacon, salami, French fries, chicken nuggets and chocolate ice cream. If we go to Subway he has a bacon and salami on plain bread with no cheese.

I never realized how well my grandchildren in the states ate until now. Isabella and Lucca have always been used to a maid taking care of them and maids take the path of least resistance and just want the meal over.

So what have I learned over the last month? Well kids are still kids. Both Lucca and Isabella speak some English. Lucca says, “Good morning Don”, every morning. I say, “Good morning Lucca. How are you this morning?” He says, “Fine thank you.”

Now Isabella is very good at English. Sometimes I speak too fast, but she understands almost everything and can communicate very well.

I enjoy seeing my grandchildren in the US and can’t do it as often as I like, so Lucca and Isabella and Sofia fill that void to a certain extent. Lucca and Isabella will be here through February 18. That will give Lilliam a little time to recuperate before the trip. In conclusion, having kids at 68 is fine as long as you can give them back to their parents in a reasonable amount of time.

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