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  1. Hi Don,
    We vacationed in Rome in 1994 and it was a wonderful experience and a
    very happy memory. We purchased a video tape while there called “Rome
    and the Vatican” as a souvenir. It was produced in Rome. It shows the
    Roman Forum, Colosseum, Appian Way, Piazza Navona, Catacombs, the
    Pantheon, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Michelangelos’s Moses. Also
    a section just on the Vatican showing St Peter’s Basilica, Pieta, Sistine
    Chapel, Raphael School of Athens. Also Tivoli, Villa D’Este and Ostia Antica.
    We would be happy to share this with you as you prepare for your trip.
    Do you have access to a VCR? Kind of old age equipo now!!

    We have lived in Chiriqui for 6 years and we own a finca close to San Andres
    and Gomez. We come to town for supplies about once a week. We could
    leave the video tape off at a prearranged location, say Organic Life or other
    common stopping point.

    It truly is an amazing city. You will feel culture and art overload as you walk
    through the Vatican museum. You are walking on mosaic art floors while you
    are surrounded on every side and above with art of every description by artisans
    some spending their lives in producing. Awesome!!! One of our favorite
    memories is just sitting at the fountain square in front of the Pantheon for
    several hours just watching the people. It is a large square with little shops
    surrounding it. Be sure to try the Gelato! The day we were there a local
    man on roller skates was performing that was so entertaining.

    Anyway, have a wonderful trip!!

    We have been fans of Chiriqui Chatter for years and appreciate soooo much
    that you keep us informed.

    Best Regards,
    Stewart and JoAnne Kime

  2. I have gotten rid of all my VHS equipment. If you haven’t used the tape in a while don’t be surprised if it has mold on it from being in Panama. All of my old VHS taped did.

    Yes I am looking forward to the trip and happy I decided to spend as much time as I have scheduled in Rome. Thanks for the kind offer and the kinder comments. Those are the reasons I keep on blogging.

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