Getting Stuff From The US Isn’t Cheap

One of the things I needed for my trip is an adapter so I can charge my iPad in Europe. Now the cost of the item was $1.50 and about $5 to get it to Florida. From Florida to here cost me $9.23. So a $1.50 item cost me $14.23 more than if I could have walked in a store in the US.

However, the plane fare to the US would have cost me a bundle. Just don’t want anyone thinking that getting stuff from the US to Panama is inexpensive. It is not

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  1. There is a new Yahoo Group called SharingLuggage_Panama. It was organized in November 2010. It has only 9 members. For a small item like yours someone might work with you.

  2. Hi Tuxi, actually, I am going to also buy another universal,adapter in David, but for the Apple, I wanted a real Apple adapter. Call me a obsessive.,

    Hi OT. Yes that would have worked. I have had that sort of thing brought down by others, but didn’t know anyone coming in the time frame I needed.

  3. Hello Don

    I travel to Europe several times a year for business and have always been able to find adapters for just about anything in the Countries you are traveling to. There are always stores in the airports that sell such items, of course, they are a little more expensive, but its gotta be better than getting them from the States. I would almost bet you will be able to buy them on the boat as well but, probably at the same price that you already paid. Travel Safe and enjoy


  4. Hi Joe. Yes I have never been concerned about finding an adapter. Actually the point of the post is to show that it can be quite expensive to bet a very lite and small item shipped to Pananama.

  5. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could trust the Panama Post Office to get stuff to us?

    Despite all the complaints you hear, while I was in North Carolina for 3 1/2 months, I frequently bought things off the internet and in almost all cases had them within 5 days. Of course I wouldn’t expect to receive items from the US to Panama in such a short time, but how nice it would be to be confident that I would receive them.


  6. For small light stuff. MBE in David is the solution. My guess around 3-4 dollars. Large heavy stuff do not even ask…………..

  7. Unfortunately, Amazon puts things in boxes that are much bigger than they need to be and the volume weight is much greater than the actual weight. I haven’t found MBE to be any better since they wanted a monthly fee when I talked to them.

    My Apple plug adapter can’t get much smaller, and the charge was as stated.

  8. For occasional user no monthly fee, volume weight only when ONE side exceeds 39 inches. May be worth another look see…………..

  9. I hear you Gene. If I did that much shipping of items, I might consider it, but to change all the addresses I would have to change, I will pass for the moment. I never say never.

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