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Would you believe that it took from January 1 until about two days ago for me to start feeling better. The grip that I came down with in Decameron lasted over 3 weeks. I sure hope it is over. Trips to the hospital, tons of medicine and local remedies, coughing, and feeling down right miserable filled most of the three weeks.

Now I am back to being busy. Yesterday I prepared two netbooks with a current version of UBUNTU Linux for netbooks. I am about ready to get my main system dual booting with Linux again and am only waiting on OpenSuse 11.4 to be released. I always need a technical challenge to keep the old brain cells active.

I still have a fair amount of planning left to do for the trip, but now it is mostly putting together a daily schedule of how I can see the most of Rome and surrounding area and Madrid and surrounding area in the time I have available to me. I have to tell you that I am excited about this trip and feel that it may be the nicest one I have ever taken. Of course having a fantastic traveling companion doesn’t hurt either.

I have Koki scheduled to have her own vacation at Howling Success, where Koki will get to meet some new friends. I will tell Koki that I am sending her to a famous dog resort so she won’t feel like she is being forgotten.

Other items I need to do are to put on the 2011 tags on one of the cars. It is nice to see that Panama finally has tags again. Also, don’t forget to put the new traffic accident form in your car. It is a requirement. If you are driving between David and Boquete, take special care as accidents are happening and it may be as a result of the construction that is going on.

Yesterday I heard that you have been making a difference. Nutre Hogar has been receiving some donations as a result of the post I did in December. I was told they greatly appreciate everyone that is helping. I have meant to get back there and hope to do it next week. I didn’t think going with a major cough was a good idea. Nutre Hogar a very worthwhile organization and they appreciate whatever you can contribute, whether it be money, food items, or time playing with the kiddos. I thank you for your generosity and caring.

As I stare out of my window and see blue skies, green trees and hear the birds chirping, I am happy to be feeling better. I am going to have a great day. I hope you have one as well.

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  1. Feeling lousy and trying to contend with Cable Onda again, and again and again. TV last night and this AM — nuts. Anyone else having problems in the AM rather than PM to use internet?

  2. Having problems with Cable Onda since l2/l2. You can’t imagine!!. We have l00 mbps and are being billed for 2048 Kpbs. I am not a “computer literate” and going nuts. lst visit from techs — they did something to my computer and getting constant messages from Microsoft (check hard drive and software) and, until 3 days ago, messages from McAfee security that “computer not protected”. Being cut off 2 – l8 times in the AM. When I sign in the afternoon (today is a luck day), all OK at l0AM. Have had techs come here, lst ones said it is a problem with the line into the house. They were here in the AM and supposed to come back at 4PM (NO). On friday, with cancellation of 3 appointments – finally got here. Now they are telling me that there is a “virus” in my computer and that they will get someone to handle it. (I don’t trust this) and they want to download all and get rid of the virus. Did a complete scan on McAfee and “no virus” == computer protected. What I think the problem is getting notices that “virtual memory low” and I have deleted a lot from my computer but I don’t know what in the hell to do to correct this problem – don’t speak Spanish and do not trust anyone “downloading” from my computer. What in the hell am I supposed to do?
    If anyone knows of anyone I can trust to take my computer to correct this problem, would appreciate. —— I am getting tooooo many opinions on what the problem may be. I really think it is with memory?? Overload? I need to communicate with someone that speaks English to explain. Hurt on both ends.

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