Looking For Barb in Boquete

The following was posted on Boquete.org and I was requested to post is as well.

>>> To: noticias@noticiasdeboquete.org
>>> Subject: [Noticias] Looking for Barb in Boquete
>>> Hi,
>>> I have a friend in Boquete, her name is Barb (emailbarbwinsee@gmail.com
>>> )…..we play euchre together at SilverCreek Hardwood. Since the 11th of
>>> December I haven’t seen her online and she does not reply to her email. I know
>>> this is a long shot, as although we have been playing for 4 years I don’t know
>>> her surname, I was wondering if there was a site that I might post to see if
>>> anyone knows what has happened to her. She was in her 70s and had 2 geese as
>>> pets. I dont know how big the community is, but have you any news of anyone
>>> that remotely sounds like her I would be grateful if you could update me…… I
>>> hate to think of her ill and alone.
>>> Please email me at celilne.lear@btinternet.com
>>> Thanks
>>> celine

2 thoughts on “Looking For Barb in Boquete

  1. I emailed Celilne with the sad news that my dear friend died 2 weeks ago. Barbara was a wonderful lady with a great sense of humor.

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