I Sometimes Forget Things I have Learned

Today I was looking at some of my bookmarks and found WolframAlpha.

I had played with it before and it is really an amazing knowledge engine. It looks like a search engine except that it responds with information about whatever you enter.

For instance if you put in the word Panama, you will get the following result.

Since the April cruise goes from Barbados to Palma de Mallorca, Spain I get this result.

I am also interested in Madrid and Rome and got this result.

Continuing, I am interested in the temperature in Madrid and Rome in May.

That should get you started. I added the WolframAlpha toolbar to my browser so I won’t forget it again.

3 thoughts on “I Sometimes Forget Things I have Learned

  1. When you arrive Mallorca you might find that a ‘second laguage’ there is Swedish! lol..its a VERY common Swedish tourist resort….I never went but heard friends say they have Swedish restaurants, stores with Swedish text in them…its like while in Mallorca its “press 2 for Swedish” …lol

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