Gluten Free Products.

I received the following email related to gluten free products in Super 99. I will add that Organic Life also has gluten free products.

From……: Tammy

As a mom to a two year old celiac child I was please to discover that super 99 is currently stocking many gf food items. They are located in the health food section. Currently they are the only chain food store in david with a gf selection This might be of interest to your readers


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  1. As the celiac disease is on the rise, many gluten-free foods are being imported to Panama for this special diet. Between flours, snacks, crackers, and cookies, Gluten Free foods are also on the rise. Organic Life Supermarket in David is stocking up on these products, but is also capable of ordering out for your other special requests, as well as for your other vitamin/supplement needs and healthy food needs.
    Please contact us at for any questions.

  2. I will be traveling to Panama City, Panama soon. Will there be any issues with finding gluten-free foods? Both grocery stores and restaurants?

  3. In Panama City, Riba Smith has the best Gluten free selections of any of the grocery stores. Organica in Punta Pacifica has the best selection that we have found, and is close to being on par with any of the “Grocery” stores we have found in the US. But, not as good as specialty shops in the US, especially for things like baking.

    Organica does have a revolving selection of “frozen” gluten free bread (“Rudy’s”), but it is not quite a full selection yet.

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