Are You Having MagicJack Problems

Recently, I started having a problem with one number I call in the US. I get a “Your call can’t be completed as dialed” message and told to try again. Apparently this is a problem between the MJ company and some other telephone companies. To this point I have a problem with one number and it used to work.

I can call it from my land line and my cell, but not from MJ.

Just curious if others are having individual number problems with their MJ.

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  1. It sounds crazy. I am a huge fan of magicjack and I call hundreds of people on land lines and cells all over the country. I never had a problem. I do not think other phone companies have any controll……..

    Bob, La Acequia

  2. I am also a fan and also call hundreds of numbers in the US, Canada, Costa Rica and China without problems. If you Google the problem you will find many are having this problem with som AT&T connections.

    I will repeat that this number (a land line) has worked in the past, but will not work now.

    Here are a couple of the things I found on the Internet.

  3. I was having a similar problem recently, when a certain number that I called in the states (which happened to be another VOIP company) would disconnect after 30 seconds. For whatever reason, the problem went away as suddenly as it arose.

  4. I have a problem with one number as well.. I just rings busy with 3 busy tones, then goes blank.. I tried working with the the MJ tech support people(online) and they could not fix the problem.. They said they would get back with me.. but they have not…

  5. MJ is a great concept, however, I am a Canadian user and have problems with it. It beeps and blocks out conversation at the other end of the conversation. They can’t hear me with this beeping. It creates a bad connection. I rarely use it as it is so frustrating having to repeat myself all the time, also for people at the other end of this conversation hearing this loud beeping sound. I tried getting service over and over. The last time I did they tried to fix it by manipulating my computer. This not only made me uncomfortable, it didn’t fix the problem. If you want just a second line to make a very short call, it’s fine, otherwise I would not recommend for Canadian customers.

  6. I have used MagicJack for a year and loved it. Recently I upgraded to MagicTalk and can’t get a dial tone or make a call… Of course there is no service tech online to fix it. My daughter said she got a recording in Washington DC that said she was calling an Intl. number…I think something is about to change with MagicJack…perhaps its governemntal or other ground companies going after MJ. I guess I may have to go back to SKYPE.

  7. I just “re-upped” for another year and now the party I’m calling cannot hear me. I have purchased a different phone, changed USB ports and restarted the computer numerous times. Any suggestions?

  8. I am having the same problem with just one number that I have called hundreds of times. I have been in contact with MJ support and told to try crazy things, like place a 1 in front of the number, MJ wont let me do this, so I just tried to dial it out straight from my phone nothing!
    The told me to try and call without the area code. This was nutz and did not work, I have been in contact with them many times now and just get a lot of copy and paste bull answers, they directed me to a web site to fil out all the information and I did. then the sent me an email that said I did not respond with in 48 hours so the matter was considered solved. got back to them and said I responded within 48 minutes, told to go back to website and fill out information again. I told that I have twenty length paragraphs with them and all they have to do is read what I wrote. Well its been a week now and still can’t call this number!

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