Decameron For New Years

For 2011 New Years, we went to the Decameron golf beach resort. My understanding is that the location of this beach was researched and it is supposed to be the beach location with the least amount of annual rainfall in all of Panama. It is really a beautiful resort . There is another Decameron resort in Colombia, but this one is supposed to be the nicest.

This was the second time I have been there and the previous time was just for the day. This time we arrived December 30 at 3:00 PM for check-in and checked out at 1:00 Pm on January 2. I think the reservation were made last year around the April time frame and at the time the reservations were made the rooms at the beach were already booked. Our reservations wound up being in one of the villas that surround the golf course. For the first visit to Decameron, click HERE.

For almost three full days, I was without Internet and still survived. Who would have thought I could do it? It is not that the Internet is not available in Decameron, but at $15 for 48 hours, I thought an Internet diet would not hurt me any.

After check-in, we went directly to the villa which was about 5 minutes away from the main resort. Here are a couple photos from the top floor of the villa.

There were four adults and two children. The bill for my half was about $240, which I thought was very reasonable, considering that it included all food and drinks for the entire time there.

The first day we unwound for a couple of hours and then took in the evening buffet. There are multiple buffet areas and a few restaurants that require reservations. I would classify the food in the food courts as OK. Certainly nothing that could be confused with gourmet, but plenty of choices and no way to go away hungry. It is a typical buffet style of organization with salad areas, bread areas, dessert areas, main dish areas and some special grill areas. Smaller areas only have burgers, hot dogs, french fries and pizza.

Following the meal, we went over to an area that was set up for the evenings entertainment. The background of the stage said “Miss Decameron”. Which would mean something later on.

They started off with something for the children. They had elimination contests, with prizes for the winner. Our entry, Lucca, is on the right in the following photo.

While Lucca put up a valiant fight, he was eliminated in the fourth round. He still had made a good showing.

Then they had the contest for Miss Decameron. Single ladies from the audience were encouraged to enter and they would up with eight contestants. To put them in the competitive mood, they provided a little male dancing for the contestants.

One of the competitions required the ladies to tie a weighted object their waist. They then had to race to both sides of the stage and put the weighted object in a glace of water. The winner did it in under 20 seconds.

Another competition put each of the ladies into a roll playing exercise, each playing a different type of person. Here are two of the skits going on.

Following each competition, the audience voted and the number of contestants were reduced.

The winner turned out to be from Canada.

Throughout the time we were there, several checks were made to determine where the audience was from. The largest number appeared to be from Colombia, followed closely by Canada and then Venezuela. There really were not a large amount of Panamanians there.

The next morning we had a breakfast buffet and as I was relaxing, I kept watching this one bird. He was a real thief. He stole several pieces of fruit and this one time he lit on the table and took a sugar packet out of the container and flew off with it. Here you can see him on the ground opening the sugar packet to get his daily portion of sugar.

Following breakfast we headed to the pool area. Here is a photo of Isabella posing for me in the pool area.

I had last seen Isabella when Lilliam and I returned from the US in August and I swear she had grown 4 inches in that short period of time.

Here is Lucca in the blue fully recovered from his defeat in the contests the previous night.

Here is another photo of Lucca outside one of the restaurant areas.

The villa next to ours had out one of the traditional New Year’s Munecas (dolls), They are usually made up to look like a TV personality, political figure or some other recognizable figure and burned on New Year’s day. I saw several of these dolls for sale on the way to Decameron. Some for $50 dollars, some for more.

For New Years Eve, here are the three beautiful dolls I was with for the evening’s entertainment.

After an dinner we made our way to the main festivity area about 8:30 PM. We were close to the band and the dance area. In fact so close, that it was after breakfast New Years Day before my hearing had totally returned. The band that was playing was Zafiro, the same Panamanian group that performed on the Royal Caribbean Cruise we went on last year.

At midnight, the skies lit up and it was one of the most spectacular fireworks I have seen. We were almost right below them.

New Year’s Day was a day for many to get rid of their hangovers. Our party had no hangovers and the only real disappointment for the previous night was the quality of the Champagne. It was horrible. Anyone that drank it and liked it had to be 3 sheets to the wind before the bottle was opened.

Most of our party headed back to the swimming pools on the 1st and I headed to one of the covered areas viewing the ocean.

During the day, I saw this couple walk up and down the beach at least 20 to 30 times selling their Indian crafts.

As I have said, this is a really beautiful resort area. One thing they did well was preserve the older trees as seen in the following photo. No telling how old some of these limbs are.

Of course there were other attraction as the resort and these limbs were much younger.

Here is one item that will cost you more money if you want to do it. To ride a parachute costed $70 dollars per person for 15 minutes. I saw a lot of takers. Normally there were two per a chute, but the following photo only had one.

The last day we were there, Isabella and Lucca tried out the shuffleboard court. Here is Isabella going for another 10 and Lucca hoping she will miss it.

What a different way to spend New Years. It was a lot of fun even if the going from AC to outdoors gave me a cold. Great time with family to start 2011 and temperatures in the high 80s to 90s. It just doesn’t get any better than this.

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  1. I thought the cost per night went way up this year. Last year, I think you could get a double room for about $80./night for two people…I want to go in early Feb. but was told the cost was about $150/night each person. Did you have 2 people /room? Thanks for any info.

  2. We had two adults in one room and two adults and two children in the other. I really had no complaint about the price. Both rooms has double beds and private bathrooms.

  3. Hi Don, Happy New Year.. Nice reading your articles and viewing your photos. 2008 My wife and i stayed there for two weeks and we had a great time. It cost us US2.300 and that included air fare from Toronto..Canada. I should mention that was a last minute deal.

    Take Care

    Lynton lam

  4. When we moved to Panama in 7/’05 we went to Decameron for 4 days and paid $400 . . It was double beds and all the amenities, with food and drink. Now, we can’t afford it. The prices in Panama are really escalating.

  5. The location is fantastic! We were there even before there was any resort and the beach area is amazing. I heard a rumor that it was owned by a Columbian organization, so it may have recently changed hands to folks who must make a profit with it?

    Most of Panama seems to be reacting to the increased value of the tourism dollar.
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  6. Charlotte:

    Prices at Decameron depends on the season. On their high season prices goes up. On their low season you can find a lot of promotions they pass on TV ads at very low interesting prices.


  7. Jim and Nena

    Decameron is a Hotel franchise from Colombia. As much as I know they still owned it.

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