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Kids At 68

Since New Years, Lilliam and I have been the proud caretakers of her two grandchildren, Lucca and Isabella from Panama City. This has been a good experience on both sides. Not necessarily the best experience on both sides all the time, but I think it is good for the different generations to spend some time getting to know each other.

Obviously for several of those weeks I was under the weather and Lilliam was the only caretaker. Lucca was wondering if I would ever get well and would give him instruction on the PlayStation 3. However, he is now an expert and fires it up everyday.

Lucca is 5 and Isabella is 10 and has a birthday coming up in March. They are both good kids and definitely have individual personalities. Sometimes they are perfect angels and sometimes they are little devils, but this is all part of growing up. Continue reading Kids At 68

Getting Stuff From The US Isn’t Cheap

One of the things I needed for my trip is an adapter so I can charge my iPad in Europe. Now the cost of the item was $1.50 and about $5 to get it to Florida. From Florida to here cost me $9.23. So a $1.50 item cost me $14.23 more than if I could have walked in a store in the US.

However, the plane fare to the US would have cost me a bundle. Just don’t want anyone thinking that getting stuff from the US to Panama is inexpensive. It is not


I received the following information for posting:


We now have a total of 33 storage units, from mini closet sizes to 170 square foot spaces, starting at $25 per month. Gates are open everyday from 7am until 6pm, and our live in manager Alexi is generally available to help you with any of your needs. The office is open from Monday through Saturday from 10am til 3pm.

In addition we opened a consignment shop in 2010, and we need consignments! When we get them in, we do sell out. Check out our website at:

Click on the appropriate tabs for storage, prices, and sizes; or the tab for consignments illustrating our photo album.

We will offer Chiriqui Chatter readers who rent spaces at our facility a free month’s rent (with the purchase of at least one additional month), valid to be used for the months of February, March and April 2011.


For more information please call or email Linda at 6714-2487

Or Penny Barrett 6510-8934