Valley Of The Moon Restaurant – Volcan

A while back, on a trip to Volcan, I stopped into the Valley of the Moon restaurant. I had previously eaten so it was just an opportunity to see the restaurant, look at the menu and sample the cappuccino and pastry.

To get to the restaurant, on entering Volcan, turn left at the round restaurant on the left. There are signs pointing to the Valley of the Moon. I must admit that the road sucks, but it is passable if you drive slow. Maybe it is to give the impression of moon craters.

Here is a photo of the restaurant from the outside.

Here are a couple photos of the inside of the restaurant. There is plenty of seating outside too, but it was too cold to do that. The decor was extremely nice and the kitchen was immaculate.

I had a cappuccino and a piece of cake. This is the cake. It was pretty, had a good flavor, not too chocolaty, and I enjoyed it. The cappuccino was good as well. Service was excellent.

I looked at the menu and the prices were very reasonable and I will try to go for lunch one day. I doubt if you can go without getting a spiel from Dr. Rima. I have had my inoculation against such spiels and was not affected, and will still return.

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  1. Four of us went yesterday to Valley of the Moon restaurant in Volcan for lunch. We were given no menus but were told about the day’s three offerings, which included chicken Alfredo and chicken pot pie. We asked for salads also. After ordering, we found some menus among the brochures at the reception desk, which listed other items for reasonable prices and mentioned a complete lunch special including salad or soup, entree, beverage and dessert for $8.

    Although our salads were excellent with a delicious dressing, the rest of the food was just good but somewhat bland and nothing special. The chicken pieces were dry. We were brought a dessert (turns out we had ordered the complete lunch special) and charged $12 each. When we questioned the price, we were told that the printed menu we had seen was last year’s and the prices were now higher. So we then asked for the jubilado discount and were told that it was not available for the “special.”

    Dr. Rima, who had been warm and friendly on our arrival, was now unbending on the pricing. She said basically it would be too much trouble to mark out the old prices and write in the new, or to reprint the menu to say “prices may vary.” She pointed out the small print on the front of the (outdated) menu which said that the prices shown reflected a 25% discount.

    We will not go back.

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