How I Spent Christmas

I still have a hard time adjusting to the customs many (if not all) have in Panama at Christmas. For example, on both Christmas Eve and New Year’s eve, we always have a LARGE meal and it will be around 10 PM or later. For the entire rest of the year, I eat a very light supper, but on those two days, I force myself to comply with the local or family custom here.

The turkey and ham and dressing and… were all great, but oh so late for a huge meal. Then the adults open presents, while the young ones dream of what will be under their tree the next day.

The next morning, Santa had brought Sofia some items. I never have understood how he knew the exact location the little ones would be in. Maybe he left some at her home as well.

Christmas eve, Susan asked if I would consult as she prepared a cheese cake. An Internet search came up with a Irish Cream cheesecake. Susan did all of the work and Christmas Day I received all of the benefits.

Here is a photo of her efforts and my first slice.

As good as any New York cheesecake I have ever had. Yum!

The most enjoyable thing, Christmas Day, happened in the afternoon. We had picked up some small gifts for Sissi and her sisters. I also bought a big box of pudding and a tall container of animal crackers for the sisters to share. We took them to Sissi’s house Christmas afternoon.

The smiles I received and sparkling eyes made my day. If your Christmas Day was ½ half as enjoyable as mine, then you did just fine.

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  1. Glad your Christmas was so rich. We, too, had a similar joyful time. We were invited to a warm Panamanian family Christmas dinner and also began our huge yummy meal at 10 PM. The fireworks all around us at midnight was such a treat (although Cleo is suffering from a bit of PTSD…lol). But the most rewarding part was due to the 11th hour email I received from a friend in need. Her grandson is very ill and may not see another Christmas. They have no money for presents and the tree was bare. The child had left cookies and milk out for Santa and was looking forward to waking up to Santa’s visit. We scrounged around the house and found a number of gifts we could wrap from Santa and quietly slipped into their house to put gifts under the tree. We have been told of the amazing smile on this child’s face on Christmas morning and we had our best gift of all!

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