Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Report: 12-23-2010

I received the following to post. The gurney that is mentioned in the following writeup, was donated by Tom McCormack and the presentation to Juan Hernández can be seen in the following photo taken from THIS POST.

Here is the latest crime watch from Potrerillos:

Good News,
No crimes against the ex-pat community to report,  however there have been several serious assaults perpetrated against Panamanian Citizens in our area.  Over the weekend of 18th and 19th two separate incidence occurred in Potrerillos Arriba when unidentified individuals were involved in separate stabbings, this according to the Dolega PD.   Both incidences occurred at or near drinking establishments in Potrerillos Arriba.   The Potrerillos Ambulance Service operated by Juan Hernandez transported the victims to a local hospital in David.

In another incident,
On the night of 21-Dec-10 a home invasion took place in the vicinity of Dos Rios were 3 unknown Panamanian males forced their way into a home owned by a Panamanian National then taking the home owner’s wife hostage for several hours until the husband a local businessman arrived home only to be caught up in the violent assault.  According to the Dolega Police the victims were let go unharmed after several hours of captivity in their home and only after they were robbed at gun point of several thousand dollars.  No suspect information was provided.

At the request of Local Law Enforcement Agencies, residence of the grater Dolega area including Potrerillos and other outlying areas are asked to be vigilant and cognoscente of their surroundings.  The Police suggest that you keep your doors at home closed and locked at all times for your safety.

Other Community News,
Our Ambulance Driver Juan Hernandez received a $50 gift card donation from the Potrerillos Ex-pat Community along with a letter of recognition (attached).   Mr. Hernandez was also provided with some much needed support to retrofit his Ambulance Vehicle with an upgraded mobile gurney that was donated to him several months ago but was unable to put the new gurney into service as it required a different configuration.   On Wednesday 22 December  Juan received the retrofit modifications needed to upgrade the ambulance. This service was provided by the Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Group Facilitators who unofficially represent the greater Potrerillos Expatriate Community.

Next item of interest,
The latest rumor regarding the development of the new Potrerillos Police Station to be located across from the Potrerillos gas station is moving forward.  The land for the proposed construction has been donated to the Panamanian Department of Justice and will soon be developed into a Central Location for Public Safety with amenities including the new National Police Sub Station, a future Fire Station and the new location for the future EMS Services.  The plan also calls for the consolidation of the Corridors of both Potrerillos Arriba and Abajo to merge together and located in this new complex.
A public forum is scheduled for the 9th of January (next month) to promote the new development and also to answer any questions the public may have. All Potrerillos residence are encouraged to attend this community event.  The Dolega PD indicated that a K-9 demonstration team should be on hand to show off their capabilities as well.

One additional request,
As the American Facilitator of the Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Program I have been upgrading my computing capabilities and database including the distribution list for the NHW network.    I will be deleting all E-mail addresses for the distribution information and ask that all interested parties who would like to continue to receive this information respond back and opt-in.
Out of respect for individual privacy it will be assumed that everyone elects to OPT-OUT unless we receive your request to opt-in.   Don’t forget the Town Hall Meeting in the park @the location of the new Police Station across from the Potrerillos gas station 9-Jan-11.

Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch Program Facilitator

Below are two letters of recognition in English and Spanish, given to Juan Hernández, and photos of the gurney modification.

Carta de Reconocimiento

Esta carta de reconocimiento esta presentada a Juan Hernández por parte de la Comunidad de Extranjeros de Potrerillos’ por su esfuerzo superior Y distinguido apoyo siempre que da a la Comunidad de Potrerillos con sus servicios escencial. Siendo el Operador de Ambulancia de Potrerillos.

Juan Hernández ha demostrado su buena voluntad a cuidar la comunidad, tomar precauciones esenciales del servicio prestado a todos de una manera rápida y eficiente demostrando un alto grado de dedicación a las residencias de Potrerillos. Sr. Hernández siempre está disponible en asuntos critico en los Servicios de Emergencia para todos en que necesita ayuda de día o de noche en cualquier condiciones de clima, veinte-cuatro horas al día, siete días de la semana.

Juan ha demostrado el mismo ser bueno animoso y un genero individual quien es dispuesto a sacrificarse para todos en la comunidad.  Cuando Juan no está transportando un paciente al hospital o en servicio activo o asiste a un cliente, el trabaja cansado asegurando que su ambulancia y equipo de emergencia de mantenimiento esté listo y puesto en el centro del pueblo a disposición de todos. Siempre está esperando para la llamada de ayuda.  Juan Hernández es altamente una persona dedicada y leal, es un individuo quien se enfoca en la seguridad de los residentes de Potrerillos.  El obtiene excelentes resultados por el mismo, Y en la comunidad, Emergencia Servicios Ambulancia, Operador para Potrerillos, Distrito de Dolega.


This letter of recognition is presented to Juan Hernandez by the Expatiate Community of Potrerillos for his superior efforts and outstanding support in providing the community of Potrerillos with his vital service as the Potrerillos Ambulance Operator. Juan Hernandez has demonstrated his willingness to look after the community as he provide this vital service to all in a quick and efficient manner while demonstrating a high degree of professional dedication to the residence of Potrerillos. Mr. Hernandez provides this critical Emergency Service for everyone who needs help day or night in all weather conditions twenty for hours a day seven days a week. Juan has proven himself as a good spirited, kind and giving individual who is willing to make sacrifices for everyone in the community. When Juan is not transporting a patient to the hospital or actively assisting a customer he works tirelessly assuring that his Ambulance Vehicle and Emergency Equipment are maintained in a state of readiness and stations himself in the center of town waiting for the call to help. Juan Hernandez is a highly dedicated and loyal individual who is focused on the safety of the residents of Potrerillos. He brings great credit upon himself and the community as the Emergency Services Ambulance Operator for Potrerillos, District of Dolega.

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  1. What a nice report. My thanks and respect for Mr. Hernandez for his efforts and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.
    Fred Kilcline

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