I always get a fair amount of SPAM comments on my blog every day. However, in the last week that amount of SPAM has gone out of site. I am having several hundred a day. I am mentioning this because sometimes a valid comment gets classified as SPAM and I correct it and it is then accepted by the blog.

With the amount of SPAM comments I am getting now, I am not having time to look at each comment to see if a non-SPAM comment got captured and classified as SPAM.

If you submit a comment and it never displays, then that may be the answer. WordPress does an excellent job of preventing SPAM comments from displaying.

A new comment from a first time commenter goes into a different category, so if you are a first time commenter, your comment will appear after I have a chance to approve it.

I really wonder why the SPAM level has increased.

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  1. Seeing an uptick on my Yahoo groups, too? Christmas, increased online buying? Primetime for the scammers I guess?

    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  2. My Kaspersky 2011 and Outlook have done pretty good jobs of blocking pretty much everything coming through browsers and the regular ISP email.

    This past week, I was surprised, though, by something that suddenly got control of my hotmail mailing list and shot off viagra ads and other strange messages to lots of people (but not everyone) on my hotmail mailing list. While it was nice to get notes from people from whom I hadn’t heard hace rato telling me about the spam messages they got from me, I have to wonder about the effectiveness of hotmail’s security system (this hasn’t happened on my gmail account, btw)…

  3. Hi J&N, Not having seen the info that a Yahoo group provides, I wondered how effective it would be at detecting SPAM.

    I am using Microsoft Security Essentials for security on my PC and am happy with it. I also use gmail now for my main email address and gmail does a very good job with spam. I have found that it sometimes captures a valid message in its net too.

    None are perfect.

  4. Several years ago, I switched to web-based email like Gmail. I agree that Gmail has a pretty good spam catcher. I get anywhere from 5 to 25 per day ranging from the Nigerian phishing letters to bogus solicitations to sell discount Cialis and other drugs. On average, about 1 out of every 500 spam messages (that show up in the spam folder) gets through to my inbox. I have two other web-based email accounts and I like Gmail the best.

  5. I’ve used GMail for a couple of years and thanks to the conversation here, this is the first time I’ve realized that there is a spam folder. It was hidden; spam is kept for a month. There was none.

  6. Pretty much the same, but possibly more dangerous because it is intended to increase Google rating to attract more visitors to the website which may be delivering viruses.

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