David’s Fourth Traffic Light Is Up

The fourth traffic light has gone up in David. It is located on the InterAmerical Highway at the intersection you take to go to the airport.

Currently it is operating on caution.

7 thoughts on “David’s Fourth Traffic Light Is Up

  1. It is about time we seen some traffic lights in David. I have to avoid getting hit and being cut off every time I drive on the Pan American highway through David. This may slow down traffic and stop some of the many car accidents at the busy spots.

  2. That’s the 4th light. The third is by the jail & La Tipica… You Texans and your math. Ha!
    BTW, yesterday (Dec 7th) was Pearl Harbor Day. I didn’t see much on the news. What’s up with that??

  3. Up next? Traffic cameras courtesy of those who inspired $500.00 parking fines for ‘illegal’ parking in handicap zones. I’ll bet there’ll be help with the financing to boot!

    The only saving grace is that by the time someone figures out how to install & operate them, the thieves will be long gone & fencing all that fancy equipment for 10c on the dollar.

    See, there is justice in this world!



  4. To the best of my knowledge, if you get a parking ticket for parking withoug a time card, the fine is $1.00. Only for parking in a handicapped zone is it $500 and I have not been able to confirm it is $500.

  5. when I drove thru David twice last week, I didnt even notice that there were no traffic lights??!!
    Guess I was looking at cars ,not for lights…

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