2007 blue Nissan Almera – For Sale By Owner

I received the following to post:

Hi Don…

Jeanie from Volcan here. We met a long time ago in Price Mart. The reason I am writing is I am returning to the states and have a car for sale. As I am not much of a computer person I was wondering if you would put it on your site??….If so the pertinent info is:
2007 blue Nissan Almera….45,000 k…..4 cylinder manual transmission. Was told by the Nissan dealership between $8-9,000 but I am open to discussion. If I am missing anything let me know.

Thanks in advance for your help…Jeanie Friedman

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  1. I might be interested in a second vehicle. Wasn’t planning on one, but my wife just told me she wants our SUV and I can take the bus if I’m travelling without her. Anyway, I hope you get a better offer, but if you don’t, I can afford $5000.

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