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A new restaurant has opened in David by the name of Cuatro. It is located across from Parque de Las Madres. Its website can be found HERE.

It is open Monday through Saturday Tuesday through Sunday and closed on Sunday. Bummer. I wish a few more of the better restaurants would be closed on Monday and open on Sunday.

Lilliam and I tried it out the other day. It is very nicely laid out with several dining areas. I didn’t take photos inside because there were special parties in each room and I didn’t want to disturb them, but the decorations and seating areas very nice. A very nice touch are wall hangings that are photos taken in David many years ago. It would be worth your while to stop and look at them and read the information below the photo.

Here is the menu.

The waiter brought out a complimentary plate of fried plantain and yucca with a tasty dip.

I ordered the barbecued ribs. I thought they were great. Just the right amount of sauce and plenty of meat. It was on top of an interesting vegetable that looked like re-fried beans. The waiter calla ed it something that sounded like atoe, but I couldn’t find anything like that on the Internet. It has some green pepper and chunks of bacon. I thought it was good.

Lilliam has barbecued chicken and also liked it.

For dessert, we chose the cheese flan with a sauce containing rum and guayaba. Super good. I would consider it a cheesecake without the crust. Very nice!


Yesterday, we went back for our second meal. Lilliam went with the Seafood soup and literally raved about it.

I had the Surf and Turf. It was a jumbo shrimp and a large piece of beef. It was on top of a shrimp potato salad. The only thing I would have changed was the potato salad. It was good, but I am just not a potato salad fan. The beef was very good quality and cooked the way I asked for it to be cooked. (I took 4 photos and none turned out good enough to post  🙁  )

For yesterday’s dessert, Lilliam and I shared a rice pudding. It came out with a top similar to what you would find on Cream Brulee. We enjoyed it.

Yesterday, I was able to take a couple photos of the interior. This is one of the main eating areas.

Here is a photo of the bar.

Before we left, I spoke with Luis Mendizábal, who is the chef for the restaurant. His family has owned this location for a long time and he grew up as a child living in what is now the restaurant. He spent time in New York studying the culinary arts.

He also studied in Florida and worked for several restaurants there prior to returning to Panama. This restaurant is very modern for Panama. you can see this in the touch screen system that is used to send orders to the kitchen and provide statistics and accounting for the restaurant.

All in all, it looks like there is another great spot for dining in David. There are several more items on the menu I want to try and I will return.

If you drop in to Cuatro, tell them you read about them on Chiriquí Chatter.

Following is a video of how to get to Restaurante Cuatro,

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  1. Otoy is the vegetable. Served in lots of different ways. Pretty much anything you can do with potatoes.

  2. Traveling on the street in front of Super Baru, going toward the Dolegita Romeros, Parque de Las Madres will be on the right before you get to Romeros. The restaurant will be on your left as you arrive at the park.

  3. Actually the vegetable you called refried bean we call “otoe” and it would be a sort of taro in English, I think.

  4. Thanks for posting this info Don. Kim and I have not had a chance to eat there yet, but we are happy to be supplying the free range chickens on the menu. The owner Luis appears to “have his act together” and should do well.

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