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Nutre Hogar’s Current Needs

I went by Nutre Hogar this morning to get a list of their needs for the next two weeks. Will you be a good fella and post it on your blog? I’ll post in the Yahoo gringo’s chat site.

Melitza gave me the following:

  • Panales de tela — Cloth diapers
  • Aceite de cocinar — Cooking oil
  • Frijoles — Beans
  • Cloro — Clorox
  • Jabon de Polvo — Powdered laundry detergent
  • Jabon de Bano — Bath soap
  • Verduras — Yucca, yams, potatoes — roots for soups

Also if anyone wants to volunteer, the best time to arrive is between 9am and noon.

No special skills needed except for love…

2011 Resolution

I have finally decided that in 2011 I will not worry if my performance is not what it was when I was younger (i.e. in my 20s, 30s and even 40s years of age). I know I like to pretend that I am as good as I ever was, but sometimes I just can’t rise to the occasion.

I must admit when others are expecting you to deliver the goods and you can’t get up for it, it does put a downer in an otherwise perfect life. However, I have decided that I just wont let it get to me.

When I was younger, I could have done it 7 days a week and even several times a day. Now it is more like 2-4 times a week, sometimes multiple times a day, but certainly not to the level or quality it used to be.

I do admit, that when I receive compliments, I am able to do better than when I receive criticisms, but that may just be me. Sometimes a good compliment makes me hit the target twice the following day. However, sometimes a negative remark may cause me to take a several day break.

So in 2011, I hope that at least once a week I can really hit the mark. You know, put a smile on someone’s face, and receive a “Gee whiz, I would like more of that!”

I am always the optimist. I believe once a week is possible and that I can still perform like days of old. Of course, my measurement is not as important the measurement of those I am trying to please. Time will tell.

So my personal challenge for 2011 is that once a week, I will be direct and to the point (think Gee spot), leaving everyone breathless and with anticipation of the following week. I am not saying that there will not be other efforts during the week, but my aim is for at least one that is memorable. Continue reading 2011 Resolution

Valley Of The Moon Restaurant – Volcan

A while back, on a trip to Volcan, I stopped into the Valley of the Moon restaurant. I had previously eaten so it was just an opportunity to see the restaurant, look at the menu and sample the cappuccino and pastry.

To get to the restaurant, on entering Volcan, turn left at the round restaurant on the left. There are signs pointing to the Valley of the Moon. I must admit that the road sucks, but it is passable if you drive slow. Maybe it is to give the impression of moon craters.

Here is a photo of the restaurant from the outside.

Here are a couple photos of the inside of the restaurant. There is plenty of seating outside too, but it was too cold to do that. The decor was extremely nice and the kitchen was immaculate. Continue reading Valley Of The Moon Restaurant – Volcan

Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch December 28

The short break from criminal activities we’ve enjoyed seems to be over.   Thief’s are back to work in Potrerillos including the surrounding areas.  There have been “3 home invasions” in the last week, one that has already been reported happened in Dos Rios involving 3 perpetrators who are still at large according to Police.

New Case,
This one involves an America residence in the Brisas development near Boquete were a residence home was invaded on or about  23-DEC-10 while the occupants were home at the time.  According to the article posted in the Boquete Crime Stoppers brief the thief or thief’s entered the home during the mid day and helped them self’s to several items of personal property including a lap top computer.
The home owners indicated that they were in another part of the residence with their door closed while the main part of the house was left unsecure and unattended.   This is a case where the home owners failed to take reasonable precautions to protect them self’s from a crime of opportunity. Continue reading Potrerillos Neighborhood Watch December 28

The Seasons May Have Changed

Last night the wind blew extremely hard. I had to shut the windows to keep the curtains from blowing off the wall. The electricity went off and on several times after 11PM. I finally gave up and shut down my UPS to stop the beeping and just went to sleep. The morning has a bright and shining sun and only a few clouds in the sky.

Maybe the dry season is finally starting.