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Letter of Recognition

I received the following today. Actually it is a little understated. Tom has brought in many containers over the years and I think most have been posted here. Recently he brought in two that had been held up for over a year by the bureaucracy of Panama and more recently, this year’s container.

None the less, I am happy to see that others are learning about Tom’s endeavors. I am happy to call Tom a good friend.

From……: gail cody


You may already know this, but wanted to pass it on. A gentleman named Tom McCormick from David brought in 2 containers of medical supplies from the US and handed them out to the Panamanian community. The Handicap Center in Boquete ,received may items including wheelchairs, handicap aides, a first aid kit, and personal medical supplies for some clients. A handicap young man who has minimal movement of his arms received a used computer and types with a pencil in his mouth. Tom came to the center and spent time looking around and visiting the clients before the containers arrived and gave items very much needed and appreciated. He also donated a stretcher to the Boquete ambulance and Potrerillos ambulance. Hospice of Boquete received a hospital bed and numerous medical items. These are just a very few of the things Tom donated. He is an awesome person doing a great service for our area and I would like to publicly thank him.

Gail Cody
Hospice of Boquete Volunteer

Thursday Is Thanksgiving Day in the US

Several have written and asked what the options were in Chiriquí for going out for a Thanksgiving Dinner. So far, I have only see Restaurante Mana in Volcan. I am sure there are others.

If you are aware of other restaurants having a special meal for Thanksgiving, leave a comment.

I have had one Thanksgiving meal  in Ciudad de David and I think Best Western has done it in the past, but I haven’t seen anything mentioned to this point.

What have you heard?

Another English Class Opportunity – Saturday at 11 AM

I just received the following:

From……: Patricia

Hi Don! I just received a phone call from the director of the school Nueva Luz, the one that has classes in American School on Saturdays and Sundays, and she asked if I knew anyone interested in participating in an activity with the English group. I guess the teacher has had a hard time finding volunteers. It is this weekend, on Saturday and Sunday, at 11am. I told her this was really short notice, but I thought maybe she’ll get lucky and someone is free around that time… Anyways, if you can help, or know anyone that can help, they can contact me or just go straight over there. Thanks!

Bid 4 Boquete

You Are Invited to a

Truly Multicultural Affair

For the 4th year in a row, the 3 primary ethnic groups in Boquete (Latinos, Indigenos, and Gringos) have joined together to produce the largest charity event in the Province of Chiriqui. And (except for the ferias) probably also the grandest social event of the year.

A large and dedicated group of volunteers, led by Bonnie Williams, Martine Heyer and Penny Barrett, has been working for almost a year to put together this two-day fiesta scheduled for December 4th and 5th. They have secured donations from all across the isthmus, planned more activities than can be named, and in general, just put together a tremendous two days that will leave folks talking for months. Continue reading Bid 4 Boquete