Christmas for the Kids

I received the following email related to helping children in the Children’s Hospital.

Dear Friends,

Last year G and I decided that we wanted to do something for the sick children in the children’s hospital here in David. We approached the people at the hospital and got a count of the poorest children on the wards and made up baskets for them.

We included some essentials like tooth paste, tooth brushes, soap, socks and other things they would need for a long stay in the hospital. We also put toys, games and a small amount of sweets(the hospital staff helped us out with what they could have). We negotiated with local merchants and got some pretty good deals on items they would need. With just under $250.00 we were able to distribute 52 baskets to some really happy kids.

This year we are asking all our friends if they would like to participate. We are going to try to reach as many children as we can because the wards have a lot more children this year.

If you are interested please email me ( by Dec. 5th with the amount you would like to give and we can arrange for pickup or meet with you.

We will post pictures of this years “Christmas for Kids” after Christmas. If anyone requires a full accounting of where their donation went we will be glad to supply it upon request.

Thanks So Much,
Steve,G and Christian Hendrickson
Email address –

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